PNL-USR no-confidence motion against Grindeanu Gov’t read in plenum, vote on Wednesday

The no-confidence  motion  titled ‘Grindeanu Government – National Contempt Government. Do not legalise theft in Romania,’ filed last Wednesday  by the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Save Romania Union (USR) was read on Monday in Parliament’s joint plenary meeting, by PNL MP Catalin Predoiu, Deputy Speaker of the Lower Chamber. The Popular Movement Party (PMP) announced that its 25 MPs will back the Opposition’s demarche.

In it, PNL and USR are asking Premier Sorin Grindeanu to take responsibility for the “error” of adopting the emergency ordinance amending the Criminal Code and the bill on the granting of pardons and to resign.

“We admit that you are in the unenviable situation of answering the orders received through party line and you had to act on your boss Liviu Dragnea’s direct request to help him avoid a possible future executory prison sentence. Nevertheless, you must take responsibility for the error of adopting these legislative acts and go home! Otherwise, you will remain in history as a second fellow traveller, after Dr. Petru Groza, but much more damaging to the people than the totalitarian regime imposed after the Second World War was. Through these actions, you are driving investors away from Romania, you are distancing Romania from the whole effort carried out in the last 27 years to gain the status of European country! In the haste in which you want to save your own cronies from convictions, you have forgotten the really important priorities for Romania. You have forgotten the disastrous conditions in hospitals, the cold and the dampness in schools, the pothole-riddled roads that claim thousands of lives each year,” the censure motion signed by 124 MPs reads.

The signatories emphasise that Romania needs a competent Government.

PNL and USR MPs claim that, under “the guise of respecting the decisions of internal or international courts, the Government endorsed by Mr. Dragnea and Mr. Tariceanu is applying blows to the security of Romanians and to their legitimate interests.”

“Under the guise of respecting the decisions of internal or international courts, the Government endorsed by Mr. Dragnea and Mr. Tariceanu is applying blows to the security of Romanians and to their legitimate interests,” the PNL claims in the censure motion titled ‘Grindeanu Government – National Contempt Government. Do not legalise theft in Romania,’ censure motion read in Parliament by Lower Chamber Speaker Catalin Predoiu.

PMP Executive President Eugen Tomac announced during the plenary meeting that PMP is backing the censure motion, stating that PMP’s 25 MPs will join the Opposition’s demarche.

At the start of the meeting, USR proposed a session of political statements on the topic of the protests in the hall, however meeting chairman Gabriel Vlase (PSD) refused the proposal, stating that “the plenum cannot vote something against the Regulations.”


Senate’s Tariceanu: Debate, vote on no-confidence motion on Wednesday beginning at noon


Meeting chairman Gabriel Vlase (PSD) announced that the two Chamber’s Standing Bureaus decided that the no-confidence motion should be debated in Parliament’s plenary meeting on Wednesday.

“As of today (Monday – editor’s note) we commence debates on the budget draft. Likewise, the no-confidence motion will be presented (…) following that on Tuesday the vote on the state draft budget and the state social security draft budget to take place, while the debate and vote on the censure motion are scheduled for Wednesday starting with 12:00 hrs,” the Senate Chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said on Monday, at the end of the meeting of the Joint Standing Bureaus of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.


JusMin Iordache on possible resignation: I will talk to Prime Minister after censure motion debated


The Minister of Justice, Florin Iordache declared on Monday that he will have a private conversation with Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu after the censure motion submitted by the National Liberal Party (PNL) and Save Romania Union (USR) is debated, and then will notify his decision about a possible resignation.

“Once the censure motion is debated and I think, rejected, I will have a discussion with Prime Minister Grindeanu and undoubtedly after this discussion I will announce my decision in front of you. At the same time, I want to tell you that I assumed that the law, as we presented it and as it will be today subject to public debate, wanted to observe the decisions of the Constitutional Court. You have seen that in the public space, because of the fact that this law does not exist today, there are very many provisions which are unconstitutional. I stated all the time and I assume that such an ordinance that would put in agreement the unconstitutionality decisions of the Constitutional Court was needed, ” said Iordache, upon his arrival at the Ministry of Justice, asked if he is considering to resign.

As regards the urgency of adopting OUG 13, Iordache said that even at present, it is justified, because “at this time there are many unconstitutional articles and the judiciary is prejudiced by the fact that within the courts and the public realm, there are many unconstitutional provisions.”

“There was an urgency because within 45 days, the decision of the Court had to be made consistent with them (editor’s note: the unconstitutional provisions) and this not having been done, because last year only some unconstitutional provisions were covered by Ordinance 18, the urgency was to put them in agreement. At the same time, the Constitutional Court established two weeks ago that there were four more provisions, so the law that I will submit for public debate today will also contain those four unconstitutional provisions,” added Iordache.

Asked about the criticism on how he communicated on this topic, the Minister of Justice said that he stated from the beginning that it is necessary to coordinate with the Constitutional Court (CCR) decision.

“Communication is an issue that has emerged in the public space, I said from the beginning that they are needed so as to make the unconstitutional provisions consistent within the law or in the ordinance, as established by the Constitutional Court,” replied Iordache.

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