PNL’s Raluca Turcanu requests resignation of Sorin Grindeanu, Florin Iordache and Liviu Dragnea

Prime Minister, Sorin Grindeanu, Minister of Justice, Florin Iordache, also Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, and Social Democratic Party (PSD, at rule) leader, Liviu Dragnea should resign, declared on Monday the interim chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL, opposition), Raluca Turcan.

“Grindeanu Government committed an indignity, at night, an indignity that led to the whitening of his party leader, Liviu Dragnea’ s case. This villainy committed by Grindeanu’s Government disgruntled an entire Romania, took a whole world by surprise and defied any common sense rule and decency. We saw that Mr. Grindeanu backed down, abrogated the ordinance but did not say anything about taking responsibility for the mistake, the same Mr Grindeanu who abrogated an ordinance because he was wrong, because he treated wrongly the thousand of law-abiding Romanians who want equal treatment before the law. PNL considers that Mr. Grindeanu must resign. At the same time, Mr. Iordache should resign too and stop expressing claims of consultations or dialogue regarding an ordinance that he executed strictly to the benefit of Mr Dragnea. At the same time, Mr Dragnea is still the master in Romania’s Parliament, and a whole world, the entire Romania is waiting for this master to prove that he has understood something of what is going on. Unfortunately, Mr. Dragnea proves, by each of his public appearances, through his every word, that he hasn’t understood anything from what Romanians are expecting and asking for,” said Turcan in Parliament, after the meeting of the PNL unification committee.

She maintains that it was not President Klaus Iohannis who drove Romanians to take the streets.

“Romanians haven’t been mobilised by one party or another. They have mobilised and have united against the biggest villains after the Revolution and Mr Dragnea is directly responsible. At the moment, the matter moved from the Government to Parliament, but basically there is still no solution, no guarantee they will not repeat this indignity in another form. There is no commitment that the parliamentary majority will follow the respect for the law, for the strong institutions, the support for justice, the true fight against corruption. Mr Dragnea should provide these guarantees and commitments, but unfortunately it seems he hasn’t understood anything. Mr Dragnea’s resignation is only natural, him being the moral, de facto author, face to honest people and the Romanian state,” added Turcan.

According to her, PNL continues to support the censure motion against Grindeanu Government.

Turcan stated that only if the parliamentary majority should change, will PNL talk about taking over governing.

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