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The situation in Romania, seen by the former Presidents

Ion Iliescu: President’s role by the Constitution is to be a moderator, not to incite



pag 5 fosti presedinti (iliescu)Ion Iliescu stated on Saturday that the protests of the last days are caused by Klaus Iohannis, who “incited the street and caused this anarchy”.

“It’s the effect of the incitement made by the President of the country, who, instead of playing the role of the moderator and of the man of dialogue, incited the street and caused this anarchy to which all of us assist. The whole responsibility belongs to President Iohannis and he will have to be liable in front of the country for leaving the role that belongs to him by the Constitution – to be a moderator, not to incite” Ion Iliescu stated, being quoted by Mediafax.


Emil Constantinescu: Protests are justified, GEO must be abrogated


Former President Emil Constantinescu expressed on Saturday his opinion that the protest demonstrations of the last days are justified and he requested to the PSD-ALDE parliamentary majority

Emil Constantinescu
Emil Constantinescu

to ask the Government to abrogate the GEO amending the criminal codes.

“Given the accelerated degradation of the social climate and of the cooperation between the state institutions, which may cause serious damages to the national security and can interrupt the ascendant trend of the economic development of Romania, appreciating that the protest demonstrations of the citizens in Bucharest and other important cities of the country are justified, I request to the PSD-ALDE parliamentary majority TO ASK THE Government to abrogate the GEO amending the Criminal Code and to ensure the promotion of a bill in Parliament, which will be debated in ordinary procedure, along with the bill of the Law on pardon” stated the former Head of State in a press statement quoted by Agerpres.

He added that, this way, all the parliamentary parties will have the opportunity to express their documented points of view, for each of the articles that will be subject to the parliamentary debate, in total transparency towards public opinion. At the same time, we will avoid the possibility that the political parties will deviate for partisan purposes the main objective of the protests – to eliminate corruption from all the sectors of the society, Constantinescu stated.

He proposed, in parallel to the parliamentary debate, the organization of a large debate in the civil society, under the aegis of the Romanian Academy, with the participation of the professors and researchers of the Law Faculties of the Universities in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara, of the legal researches institutes, of the magistrates’ associations and of the civic associations with expertise in the law field.

“The objectives of this debate should be: the constitutional order; the separation of powers; measures to prevent corruption and abuses, to prevent other corrupt people to replace those who are investigated, judged or convicted; building a healthy competitive economy, free of occult interventions. I believe that Romania is not in a position to receive lessons in democracy from any other EU state or from anywhere else in the world, and that it is able to solve its internal problems by itself, the call of any foreign entities being shameful” Constantinescu also added.

In the context in which the demonstrations during the Revolution and those in the University Square have been evoked these days, Constantinescu remembered those days, mentioning that he opened the balcony of the Geology Faculty in the University Square to allow the free expression of the ideas in the marathon demonstration for democracy from April-June, 1990.

“In the speech that I held on November 15, 1990, at the rally of establishing the Civic Alliance, in front of more than half a million people, I opposed to removing the political leadership of that time by force and I advocated for a democratic change, through parliamentary and presidential elections. After I was elected as President, by the vote of more than seven million Romanian citizens, I went to Brussels and Strasbourg to announce that Romania doesn’t accept anymore the monitoring for not respecting human rights, and it was immediately withdrawn by the Council of Europe. In 1997, I launched together with President Clinton, in Bucharest, the strategic Partnership with USA, which was consolidated in 2000” he stated.

Constantinescu also mentioned that in 1999 he succeeded to open the negotiations for the accession to the European Union, and to ensure Romania’s integration in NATO, in the second wave.

“In all that time, nobody from abroad couldn’t afford to give instructions to Romania, our country being presented by the Western Heads of State as an example of resolving the interethnic problems and as a regional leader. We started the first important campaign against corruption. We managed to overpass a serious financial crisis, to ensure a healthy economic development in 2000, to resolve the disputes between institutions by a respectful dialogue and to restore people’s sense of freedom. All these things could be done because n those difficult years there was an exceptional civic solidarity, and people accepted to pay the hard price of all the reforms. Many of those who fought more than two decades ago to change the totalitarian system and its sequelae have left this world. I hope the ideals for which they fought will stay alive today and be a source of inspiration in the times to come” the former President concluded.


Traian Basescu: Iordache will also have to be included in the package with the abrogation of the GEO. Will it be enough?


pag 5 fosti presedinti (traian basescu)The leader of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), Traian Basescu, stated on Saturday that removing the Justice Minister, Florin Iordache, has to be included in the package with the abrogation of the GEO no. 13, asking himself if these two concessions will be enough for those in the street.

“Will it be enough? After all, Dragnea understood that he has to withdraw the GEO to alleviate the tension in the society, as well as to bring the Criminal Code in Parliament in order to apply the needed corrections required by the CCR decisions and by the EU Directive no. 343/2016. But I’m afraid that it will not be enough. Very possible, Justice Minister Florin Iordache will have to be included in the package with the abrogation of the ordinance. Definitely, Florin Iordache cannot be Minister anymore. And I am asking myself again: will it be enough to make people leave from the street?” the former Head of State commented on Facebook.



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