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May 12, 2021

Employers’ Union: Responsible and decision-making factors of Romania must urgently open dialogue gates

The National Union of Romanian Employers (UNPR) requests all responsible and decision-making factors of Romania “to urgently open the gates of dialogue among themselves”, because this is the only way the best solution for Romania can be sketched.

“We make an appeal to the Romanian Presidency, to Romania’s Parliament and Government, the representatives of all the important state institutions, of the business milieu and of civil society to urgently open the gates of dialogue among themselves and thus sketch the best solution for Romania to return to a state of normality. The dialogue must be carried out among all existing pillars of Romania: the civil society, the political environment, the business milieu, and last but not least the academic environment,” maintain UNPR representatives in a press release sent to Agerpres.

According to him, the Romanian business milieu must become a healthy one, based on correct principles and for this to happen, the political environment and not only, needs to have transparency and desire for collaboration through consultations or by inviting all its representatives to participate in the decision-making.

“We welcomed and supported all efforts of local, national or ministerial institutions, regardless of who they were and were wheeled by, when they manifested transparency and desire for cooperation with employers’ organizations. We strongly and unequivocally state that in Romania, there will not be a correct and healthy evolution of the economic environment without the employers’ organizations not really being involved in this development,” reads the press release.

UNPR representatives express their availability to assist all state institutions with “good specialists in areas of interest.”

“We are willing to contribute for such a situation as the present one does not occur anymore. The business milieu, in its entirety, has certainly got a major interest in stability, transparency, dialogue and cooperation between all decision-making factors in Romania,” reads the UNPR press release.

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