PM Grindeanu about organizing the referendum requested by the President: It’s not easy to find EUR 50 million; we’ll make efforts

PM Sorin Grindeanu stated on Tuesday that the Government will find money to organize the referendum requested by the President and, although “it’s not easy to find EUR 50 million”, the Executive will make efforts.

“If the parliament decided, we’ll find them. It’s not easy to find EUR 50 million. We’ll make efforts, because this is the part which, considering the legal framework in Romania, we have to execute” Grindeanu stated at the Parliament Palace.

He reminded that the Parliament had the role to give an opinion on the referendum, and the Government has to organize it.

“It’s a simple matter. The subject (…), of course, it seems to me that is a subject that you couldn’t disagree” the PM stated.


Iohannis: Immediately upon receiving Parliament’s response, I will convene referendum


President Klaus Iohannis announced on Tuesday that he would convene the referendum as soon as he receives Parliament’s response to his solicitation.

“I am waiting from Parliament the response to my solicitation. Immediately after receiving it, I will convene the referendum,” declared Iohannis in the joint plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

He explained the reasons why he initiates this referendum.

“What kind of nation do we want to be? Do we want to be a strong, prosperous nation, a nation that builds for itself the rule of law and respects it, a nation that can take pride in an independent justice, a nation in which authorities cooperate loyally, with a strong Parliament, a proficient Government, or do we want a weak, despised nation, that places everything at stake in order to save a few from difficult situations, a few politicians from difficult situations? Is Romania worth this sacrifice for a few politicians? This is the question. This is the purpose of the referendum. A strong nation is built with righteous, credible politicians at the helm of the state, this is what I want for Romania and I believe this is what Romanians want too. This is the question: What kind of nation do we want to be? And in order to really find out the sovereign will of Romanians I will convene this referendum,” said Iohannis.


Standing Bureaus – positive notice about President’s demand to organise referendum


The Standing Bureau of the Chambers of Deputies and the Senate gave on Tuesday an unanimous positive notice to President’s Klaus Iohannis’s demand regarding the triggering of procedures for the organisation of a national referendum.

The representatives of the National Liberal Party (PNL, opposition) and Save Romania Union (USR, opposition) expressed their agreement for the issuing of a positive opinion, maintaining that the President’s solicitation is justified and well-grounded.

The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR, opposition) deputy Marton Arpad said he also agreed to issuing a favourable opinion, but with observations related to the way this referendum should unfold.

Serban Nicolae (the Social Democratic Party, ruling), the chairman of the Senate Standing Bureau mentioned that the two committees will give a technical notification to the President’s solicitation on its lawfulness, and from this point of view supports a favourable opinion. In return, he showed that such a referendum is not necessary, and the budget draft for this year does not provide for the 250 million lei necessary for organising the referendum.

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