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August 12, 2022

PSD’s Dragnea about protests: The manner of organization, the dimension of financing, indicate a professional organization

*”There are very big chances for large protests against Iohannis to start in counties”


PSD leader Liviu Dragnea stated on Sunday evening that the protest in front of the Cotroceni Palace will roll like a “snowball”, mentioning that there are very big chances for increasingly large protests against President Klaus Iohannis to start in the largest counties.

“What happens in front of the Cotroceni Palace will be like a snowball, it will roll like a snowball. I have no plan, on the contrary, I asked to all my colleagues to continue to calm the PSD members and supporters, but this evening I received the information that people came out in the street in front of the Cotroceni Palace, there is a lot of anger and they will attract, they may attract more and more people” Dragnea stated for Antena 3.

He reiterated his statements made on Sunday, namely that PSD is not involved in these protests.

“PSD is not (involved – e.n.), I said it publicly, it is assumed, I hope it will continue to be like this, hoping that we will not have two large rallies, one of them in one side of Bucharest, and the other one in the other side. There are very big chances for increasingly large protests against President Iohannis to start in the largest counties” Dragnea added.

PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Sunday evening for Romania TV that the manner of organization and “the dimension of financing the protests in the country” indicate “a professional organization”.

“The manner of organization, the dimension of financing these protests – I understand that today, very many people have been brought with buses, vans, by train – indicates a professional organization. This doesn’t show a spontaneous organization. This is not a spontaneous rally. There’s an organization behind it”, claimed the PSD leader.

He stated that the state institutions must clarify who is behind the protests, and that the GEO no.13 is only “a pretext”.

“Who stands to gain? Probably some people in the country, but someone around us, around this country, definitely gains something. There’s a quite complicated situation in the Republic of Moldova, the new president has claims, he speaks about the Great Moldova, there are also other movements inside the country, there’s an European context, a regional context and an international context changing after the election of the US President”, stated the Social Democrat.

Dragnea reiterated that President Klaus Iohannis urged people to come out in the street and he criticized the fact that persons from the leadership of the multinational companies, such as the President of a foreign bank (e.n. – Steven Van Groningen, President of Raiffeisen Bank) came out in the street.


PSD leader, criminal complaint against the journalist who published his address: My children have been threatened


PSD leader also announced on Sunday that he will submit a criminal complaint against the journalist who published his address.

“All the ministers (have been threatened – e.n.), because since their phone numbers were published – they weren’t published as a joke, it was a plan, they developed a machine – they started to receive e-mails, messages, text messages, all the kind of threats, with a very bad and also violent language. They have been even threatened by death. Remember that a great journalist in Romania – he says so – said where I’m living. I said on Thursday: ‘Let him come to the Parliament, I am alone, I didn’t have SPP (Protection and Guard Service – e.n.), I have no problem’. I’ll definitely submit a criminal complaint against him, I am sorry for him. It’s prepared, I didn’t submit it because I had no time, but this isn’t possible. I was sued because 2 million votes have been stolen at the referendum, and I have been convicted because members of the party would have allegedly violate the personal data protection law by studying the permanent electoral lists, which are public. Well, this law doesn’t operate here, too? Or, if they are with the system, the law can be violated and the system uses them for this… It cannot continue like this” Liviu Dragnea stated for Romania TV.

PSD leader added that his children have also been threatened.


“Nobody in Romania stands to gain from protest escalation”


Calm and stability are what is most important to Romania, leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, at rule) Liviu Dragnea said on Sunday night, adding that nobody in the country stands to gain from the escalation of street protests.

“I’m telling the ones who are in the Victoriei Square and those who are at the Cotroceni presidential Palace, and President Iohannis and my colleagues as well, that calm and stability are the most important things in Romania. Nobody stands to gain from the escalation of these protests, nobody in Romania,” Dragnea told a broadcast at the Antena3 private television, when asked what his message to the Romanians who have taken to the streets is.

The PSD leader said that from the last days’ experience he learned that when making a decision, communication is paramount.

“I’ve learned that ahead of any decision, communication is more important than the decision itself. It’s about participatory democracy’s principles, which unfortunately have not been observed currently and which could trigger such unrest, because if one doesn’t communicate very well before and afterwards, and if communication is lacking, then the people receive information from the opponents,” said Dragnea.

Liviu Dragnea specified that the Grindeanu Government won’t step down despite people having taken to the streets, because “other Romanians have voted the Grindeanu Government and want its ruling programme be enforced.”

He mentioned he doesn’t want things to get to the suspension of President Klaus Iohannis, for the sake of a principle he respects, namely that the majority of the Romanians have voted for him to become President in 2014.


SocDem leader: I’m very honest person, who has been sentenced in a politically-motivated case


Leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, at rule) Liviu Dragnea said on Monday that he considers himself to be a “very honest person, who has been sentenced in a politically-motivated case.”

“I consider myself a very honest person who has been sentenced in a politically motivated case built by a prosecutor who usurped official authority and where I, the one who has been sentenced, have not been handed the decision stating clearly the reason for the conviction. Do you find it normal that ten months on, a man in Romania doesn’t know the ground for his conviction while the decision is also incomplete, as it lacks the introductory part and the statement of reasons? According to the Criminal Procedure Code the decision is practically non-existent,” Dragnea said at the Palace of Parliament.

He further denied all wrongdoing in connection with the voting process.

“And to conclude: I did not steal anything. I was sent to court, if you remember, amid a scandal and pressure and terrible manipulation that perfectly looked like the situation in 2012, when they claimed I had stolen 2 million votes. They are still looking for them. I’ll see if they find them somewhere, whereas I have been sent to court for something and was sentenced for something else. In the trial court. In the higher court, I just couldn’t find out what for,” claimed the PSD leader.



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