Reactions after the President’s speech held in front of the joint Chambers

PM Grindeanu: I would have called for calm, stability


Premier Sorin Grindeanu stated on Tuesday, referring to the speech that President Klaus Iohannis gave before Parliament, that he would have called for calm, stability and return to normalcy.

“I’m not in the position to make observations about what the Romanian President or anyone else says. I would have called for calm, stability, return to normalcy. Apart from this, I have no comments on the president’s speech,” Grindeanu said at the Palace of Parliament.

In his opinion, this is “the correct approach.”


PSD’s Dragnea: I would have expected Iohannis’s speech to urge to unity and calm. He spoke about division


The leader of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, stated on Tuesday at the Parliament, after the Head of State ended his speech held in front of the joint Chambers, that he would have expected President Klaus Iohannis’s speech to urge to unity, calm and stability, but the President chose to speak about “division, about good parliamentarians and bad parliamentarians, about good Romanians and bad Romanians”.

“I have assisted to the President’s speech in the Parliament, I have to stay from the beginning that I would have expected to a speech for unity, a speech urging to calm and stability. Unfortunately, the President chose to continue to speak about division, about good parliamentarians and bad parliamentarians, about good Romanians and bad Romanians” Liviu Dragnea stated.

The President of the Deputies’ Chamber claimed that early elections are not a solution. “However, I agree with him that early elections are not a solution. I understood the urge to have a performant and powerful Government, to this end I also urge him to let the Government alone to govern, because the government program is a good one, and Romanians wait for it to be implemented. If we let the Government to govern well, the whole country will benefit from this and all the macroeconomic indicators to which he referred, and who are good, indeed, will be maintained and improved” added the PSD President.


SocDem leader: “Iohannis’s style made my colleagues to leave the room. Suspension is not a solution”


The PSD leader also stated on Tuesday, after President’s speech in the front of the joint Chambers, that the frustration accumulated in the recent days, and probably Iohannis’s style made PSD parliamentarians to leave the room during the President’s speech, but he said that the President’s suspension is not a solution.

“I was also surprised by them, but probably all the frustration and anger accumulated in the recent days made them make this gesture. I must admit that both they and I were expecting today a speech of the mediator President, the President of Romania must be the mediator and the father of the nation. Probably the style, the words that have been used, made my colleagues leave the room. (PSD parliamentarians – e.n.) are outraged   all the attacks and incitements that came from the Romanian President” PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated, being asked to comment the gesture of the PSD parliamentarians.

Liviu Dragnea said that he didn’t leave the room because he listened to the President’s message “hoping until the last words that signals of peace will come”.

Dragnea stated that PSD will not do anything against President and that suspension “is not a solution”.

“We’ll not do anything against President. Suspension is not and it wasn’t a solution. Romania needs to be quiet. It needs social peace and stability. After elections, when people were angry because our proposals were refused all the time, and inconsistent messages were coming from the President, we could also bring people out in the street. We didn’t want to do this, because I believed and I continue to believe that Romania needs stability and it needs to be well governed” Dragnea said.

Being asked what he told to the President when he was leaving, the PSD leader stated that he told to Klaus Iohannis that he continues to hope that they will be able to make peace in Romania.


ALDE’s Tariceanu: I am disappointed by the President’s speech. He, who is convicted, speaks about integrity?


Senate’s President Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Tuesday that he s disappointed by President Klaus Iohannis’s speech, stating that he cannot speak about integrity, given that he is convicted for the way he obtained “several houses”.

“I have to notice – I wonder – what was in the President’s mind when he was speaking about integer people leading the country? When it’s you who is convicted for the way you obtained several houses, when you have a problem because you didn’t reimbursed the unduly gained RON 300,000 to the state, when we don’t know if you paid your taxes for private lessons, how can you come and give lessons to the Parliament or to others? It seems very, very inappropriate to me. I believe the position of the President involves a specific political experience, a specific preparation which, obviously, he seems not to have” stated the leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE).


Senate’s President: Iohannis comes and he wants to give lessons to the Parliament, which is not acceptable. In this moment of crisis, I was expecting the President to find the way to dialogue, to stress relief


“I am actually disappointed by the President’s speech, because I was expecting that in this moment of tension, in this moment of political crisis, having the wisdom that all the political leaders to which I made a call should have, the President should find the way to dialogue, to stress relief, because this is an interest above the partisan interest. Besides he showed, as many times, that he comes in the Parliament and he wants to give lessons to the Parliament, not only lessons, but he wants to say what the Parliament should do, the President’s speech is not acceptable. He didn’t even had that speech that I expected” Tariceanu stated.

In the opinion of the Senate’s President, “the lights in the Victoriei Square”are not the solution for the stress relief.

“Speaking of the lights in the Victoriei Square is not the solution that Romanians probably expect – to defuse this situation, I believe that the only possibility that we have and that I recommended to the President is the dialogue. I said that I will initiate a dialogue with all the relevant institutions in the judiciary, because judiciary is not a field where certain force institutions are fighting against people’s rights and freedoms. We have to solve these things” concluded the Senate’s President Calin Popescu Tariceanu.


PNL’s Turcan: The President expressed the expectations of millions of Romanians


PNL Interim President Raluca Turcan stated on Tuesday that President Iohannis’s speech in the plenum of the Parliament expressed what millions of Romanians expected and that the manner I which the PSD and ALDE parliamentarians acted by leaving the plenary hall during the speech is regrettable.

“President Klaus Iohannis expressed in the Parliament’s plenum the expectations of millions of Romanians: a government for the many, not for a group of politically protected people. It’s a natural request. People have voted in order for a party and a Government to take care of their problems first” Raluca Turcan stated.

She also said that the way in which PSD parliamentarians acted by leaving the plenary hall during Iohannis’s speech is “regrettable”. Besides, “PSD doesn’t respect institutions, laws or Constitution”, according to Turcan.

“The Government, Mr. Dragnea, Mr. Tariceanu cannot pretend that nothing happened. They have a responsibility, they cannot ignore the serious situation in which they brought Romania. It is regrettable the way in which PSD acted today. What conciliation sign is that, when PSD and ALDE parliamentarians leave the room when the Romanian President sends a message? PSD doesn’t respect institutions, it doesn’t respect the Constitution and the laws of the country. They don’t respect anything” Raluca Turcan added.


Tomac: President’s speech is a campaign speech for the referendum; we regret that PSD doesn’t wake up from the drunkenness of power


The speech held by President Klaus Iohannis in Parliament was a campaign speech for the referendum, according to the PMP Executive President Eugen Tomac, who expressed his regret that PSD “doesn’t wake up from the drunkenness of power”.

“The PMP parliamentary group expresses its profound concern about the situation created in the society. We watched very carefully President Iohannis’s speech. It is a campaign speech for the referendum. However, we regret that PSD doesn’t wake up from the drunkenness of power. (…) The signal given by the people who came out in the street by their own belief for one week, in front of the Government, to make a warning, must be treated very seriously. Therefore, we hope that things will not degenerate, because society doesn’t need internal conflicts, fueled by both sides, it needs open talks in the interest of the society and the Romanian democracy. We hope that the political actors will shoe more responsibility” Eugen Tomac stated at the Parliament.

He said that he doesn’t criticize the President, adding that the Head of State has used this instrument of addressing to the Parliament to send “certain clear targets exactly in order to maintain this tensioned situation”.

“We’re not criticizing, it’s a finding. President has expressed his standpoint related to what happened in the recent time, and he reminded that he will call to a referendum on the already known subject – integrity and anticorruption. It’s a democratic instrument, but he used this opportunity to address to the Parliament and he sent certain clear targets exactly in order to maintain this tensioned situation existing in the society, a tense generated by Mr. Dragnea, pushing the Government into this trap from which they cannot escape even today” Tomac pointed out.

He hopes that the censure motion will pass. “We hope that those who have been sanctioned will understand and tomorrow, at the censure motion, we will have a vote of conscience and the current Government will leave, so that we will have a Government who will restore this trust we need between the authority and the citizen” Tomac stated.

According to Tomac, “we need a lot of responsibility today, just to give Romania a new opportunity”. “Any political crisis causes several problems in the society, from economic issues to other issues”, Tomac added.


Predoiu: Today, PSD undressed of its sheep coat and it revealed to us in all its glory as a wolf


Social Democrat Party should fulfill the promises made in the electoral campaign and not to attack the judiciary with laws, stated on Tuesday the PNL First Vice President, Catalin Predoiu.

“Today, PSD undressed of its sheep coat and it revealed to us in all its glory as a wolf. The wolf called PSD paraded in the electoral campaign with a sweet voice, with gentle messages, urging to understanding, and today we could see the PSD’s answer to a coherent, generous but also firm message of the President. Leaving the room by PSD is the equivalent of refusing to listen people’s voice expressed through the President’s voice, since the President represents all the Romanian people, and when hundreds of thousands of people are in the street trying to tell you that you were wrong, and you refuse to receive this message, then you have the Romanian President before you, telling you that you were wrong and it proposes a solution, a hand indicating a corresponding solution to fix the mistake and govern according to the mandate that you received, you stand up and leave the room, it simply means that you deafened” Predoiu stated at the Parliament’s Palace.

In his opinion, “PSD doesn’t hear the people’s voice, the voice of reason anymore”.

“I am also calling PSD and ALDE leaders to understand that what people ask, what President asks, what we, PNL, also ask, is not a caprice, namely to stop attacking judiciary with laws, to stop undermining anticorruption and exercising the mandate they received. They received a mandate to increase pensions, salaries, to make economic projects, they should have this in mind, not other issues. This is our message today” the Liberal leader stated.

As for the budget for 2017, he appreciates that it relies on forecasts made in the PSD government program, being risky in terms of revenue.

“The budget is risky in terms of revenue, it’s a deceiving budget, as their electoral campaign was, too, and all of us will unfortunately see this in a few months from now. Once again, I am calling PSD leaders to reason and honesty towards this nation” Catalin Predoiu mentioned.


USR spokesman Dan Barna: The majority doesn’t understand the seriousness of the situation in which the country has been dragged


USR spokesman, MP Dan Barna, stated on Tuesday that President Klaus Iohannis made a call on balance and decency in his message to the Parliament, mentioning that the gesture of the parliamentary majority indicates that the seriousness of the situation in which the country has been dragged wasn’t understood.

“President came and made a normal call on balance and decency, addressing to the Romanian Parliament, to the majority and to the Government – which, well, didn’t appreciate that there is necessary to be present – the explicit message that in this moment, the balance is fundamental for Romania, and the government party, PSD, is now in the position and has the duty to find a balanced way to restore the country’s credibility” stated the USR spokesman Dan Barna, mentioning that the Government suffers from a lack of trust.

Dan Barna stated that the gesture made by the PSD parliamentarians to leave the plenary hall during President Iohannis’s speech indicates that the majority doesn’t understand the seriousness of the situation.

“It’s a gesture that unfortunately indicate that the majority continues not to understand the seriousness of the situation in which the country has been dragged. The decision to leave the room, in the circumstances in which the President’s message was saying: ‘You govern, the state institutions and the society recognize this right that you have!’ At the President’s request to govern, PSD has decided to leave the room” Dan Barna stated.


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