Bucharest protest: Iohannis, in the middle of protesters in front of Cotroceni Palace. Demonstrators refuse dialogue

President Klaus Iohannis went to discuss on Wednesday evening with the several hundred protesters  gathered in front of the Cotroceni Presidential palace, after in the previous evening the demonstrators maintained that the head of state should talk to them, same as he talked to the protesters in the University Square.

He tried to talk to the demonstrators who ask  his resignation. The Head of State was greeted with shouting and booing. People shout at the president, although Iohannis asked them how he can make their life better. After about two minutes, the president gave up a dialogue with protesters.

The placards carried by protesters have messages reading “Down with the covert officers in Justice,” Resignation for treason, no to division,” “Mediator, no to division,” “Respect me if you want respect.”

This is the fourth day in a row of protests in front of the Cotroceni Palace.


President Iohannis: I understand to exert mandate listening to all Romanians’ voice


President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday said he  went to talk to the people protesting at Cotroceni Palace, because, as head of state, he must listen to the voice of all Romanians, regardless of their options.

“I have been this evening to talk to the people protesting for a few days in front of the Cotroceni Palace. I understand to exert my president mandate listening to the voice of all Romanians, regardless of their options. It is absolutely natural to have difference of opinions and points of view, and it is the right of every citizen to make his/her beliefs known, in a peaceful and civilised manner,” President Iohannis wrote on Facebook.


Several hundreds protesters, outside Government headquarters


In the same time, several hundred  were protesting  in the Victoria Square, demanding the Government’s resignation.

Some of the protesters removed the snow out of the area where the protest is taking place. The protesters wrote in the snow, which continued to fall, messages such as “We resist!,” “I refuse.I resist.”

The protesters have placards reading messages such as: “Down with corruption!,” “Resign,” “Thieves and liars leave the Government,” “CCR- Shame!” “CCR is Social Democrat”, “You won’t get rid of me!,” “Have you grown tired? Tough luck! We haven’t!,” “Romania, wake up!,” “Corruption kills!,” “Resignation! Then at the DNA!,” “Who’s time is up?,” “We want in Romania, not Ro-theft!,” “Dear politicians, you haven’t understood anything!,” “I am coming from Canada, because I care,” “We are the country’s future.”

Messages are projected on two buildings in the area: “Resignation,” “I resist,” “I exist.”

Protesters have chanted: “We are not leaving, we are not surrendering!,” “DNA should come and take you!.”

Demonstrators are making noise, some of them are blowing whistles and vuvuzelas.

Several children are playing in the snow or riding the sleigh.

Demonstrators are offered tea, coffee, juice, still water, sweets, mushroom soup, pizza and fruit.






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