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June 25, 2022

Mihaela Grindeanu, PM’s wife: What kind of father would want to stigmatize his own children, to destroy their future?

Mihaela Grindeanu publicly expressed on Monday her support for her husband, PM Sorin Grindeanu, stating that he is “a responsible man” who is convinced that he can help Romania, and that as a father, he cannot wish “to stigmatize his own children”.

In a message posted on the Facebook page of her nephew, Alexandra Danielescu, Mihaela Grindeanu announced that she closed her own account on the social network “for her family’s sake”.

“Maybe I’m wrong by publishing these lines, maybe I will be condemned and blamed by many people who will read them! But I can’t be silent anymore! My husband is a responsible man, a man who has been appreciated, sympathized and supported by many people! He is now accused of supporting corruption, of lying and of having hidden intentions! He came to be the PM of Romania because his party colleagues asked him, not because he had hidden intentions or ambitions! He accepted this position with the clear desire to make good things! He left away from his family, from his friends, from those who supported him, being convinced that he can help Romania! He has two little children, a respected family, and a clean political past! His children are part of the future that some people say that he wants to destroy! What kind of responsible man, what kind of father would want to stigmatize his own children, to attract threats and curses on his family, to destroy their future? It doesn’t make sense!!” stated Mihaela Grindeanu.

She says that she doesn’t know who stands to gain from these protests.

“There will be a time when he will not be with his children, when he will not be able to protect them anymore, and no one can believe, at least for one moment, that he doesn’t want a prosperous and uncorrupted country for the future of his children! I don’t know who stands to gain from all these protests, I don’t know who stands to gain from destroying his image, his career, but he doesn’t stand to gain for sure! I didn’t ask him to come back to his family, although I wish from all my heart to have peace again. But at the same time, I wish for him to be allowed to show to all those who don’t believe in him, that he’s a capable man, that he has good intentions and that he can carry out a program from which Romanians have only benefits! May God help him!!” she added.

PM’s wife asks to Romanians to reconsider Sorin Grindeanu.

“These lines have been written by me, I wasn’t manipulated, I don’t have hidden intentions, I don’t want anybody read ‘between the lines’! These are my thoughts, my concerns and my beliefs, and I felt the need to tell them hoping that some people will try at least to reconsider the man Sorin Grindeanu and his actions! I thank in advance to all those who, although cannot agree with me, will not appreciate that they have to insult or curse any member of my family!” she concluded.

PM Sorin Grindeanu was asked on Monday at the Parliament if he took into account to resign, in the recent days, answering that what he thinks sometimes in private “is a totally different matter”. “I wouldn’t like to speak about personal issues, because I am speaking here as Prime-Minister. (…) I told you which my decision as a PM is, what I think sometimes in private is a totally different matter, from all the points of view” Grindeanu stated.


Sorin Grindeanu on the message posted by his wife: I haven’t seen this message, but it belongs to her


PM Sorin Grindeanu stated on Tuesday that he hasn’t read the supporting message posted by his wife on Facebook, but he called her to ask her if the post belongs to her.

“I called her right after I found out about it. I tell you frankly that I haven’t seen this message. I talked to her only after more than one hour, because she was on her way to Bucharest, and she was in the plane with the kids, and she confirmed it to me. Yes, that message belongs to her”, the PM said.

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