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February 2, 2023

Basescu: Regardless how nit-picky some are, we must admit the progress of Romania and of Romanians is enormous and irreversible

Popular Movement Party (PMP) leader Traian Basescu compared June 1990 to February 2017, saying that regardless how nit-picky some are we must admit that the progress made by Romania and Romanians is enormous and irreversible.

“Flashback. From February 2017 to June 1990. In June 1990, at Romexpo, President Ion Iliescu was thanking the miners sporting headlamps (not mobile phones) for coming to Bucharest and diligently and incredibly violently clobbering the Bucharesters who were protesting in University Square, who were asking for democracy. Back then, the manipulation was carried out by disinformation specialists, through Free TVR,” Traian Basescu wrote on his Facebook page.

Traian Basescu pointed out that, in February 2017, “President Klaus Iohannis was thanking, in PARLIAMENT, the Bucharesters sporting mobile phones (not headlamps) who braved the cold to protest peacefully in Victoriei Square, for days on end, to defend democratic principles.”

The PMP leader pointed out that this time around people gathered by contacting each other through Facebook.

“Regardless how nit-picky some are, we must admit that the progress of Romania and of Romanians is enormous and irreversible,” Traian Basescu concluded.

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