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October 23, 2021

Camelia Bogdan, one of the two judges who decided Dan Voiculescu’s conviction, excluded from the magistracy. Magistrate’s reaction: I will appeal the decision. It’s profoundly unfair

The Department for Judges of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) decided on Wednesday, the exclusion from magistracy of Camelia Bogdan, one of the two judges who decided Dan Voiculescu’s conviction in the case of the Food Research Institute (ICA).

The decision of the Department for Judges has been taken as a result of certain complaints submitted to the Judicial Inspection. Law specialists have decided that the magistrate has committed a disciplinary offense, given that Camelia Bogdan would have spent a holiday, during which she trained officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, in the time when she had to solve the ICA case, in which the Ministry of Agriculture was a civil party. The case reached the Department for Judges of CSM in disciplinary matters, the magistrates deciding to exclude the judge from magistracy.

“The accusations are ungrounded in their whole, both those from the disciplinary proceedings and those from the public space. (…) (The holiday) wasn’t paid by the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture was a civil party in my case, but I was a trainer I my capacity of EU expert since 2009, I taught the state officials about anticorruption issues. The payment has been made through the limited company that contacted me, the money were from the World Bank” Camelia Bogdan stated on January 25, when she went before the CSM judges.

The magistrate can appeal the decision before the court.


Camelia Bogdan: I will appeal the decision on my exclusion from magistracy. It’s profoundly unfair


Judge Camelia Bogdan stated for MEDIFAX that she will appeal the decision of the Department for Judges of CSM on her exclusion from magistracy, mentioning that the decision is ungrounded, because there is an ANI report showing that she was subject of incompatibility.

“The decision is obviously ungrounded, I wasn’t subject of any incompatibility in any moment, and it ignored the National Integrity Agency who irrevocably decided that I wasn’t incompatible. The problem must be viewed as a whole, I have other disciplinary investigations at the Judicial Inspection because I solved cases in which I ordered the seizure of the proceeds of crime, namely the Ultra Pro Computers case, and I am also investigated in the BCR case, and probably this sanction where there is no trace of deviation for the future cases, was applied. (…) In that case (BCR), I asked the seizure of the proceeds of crime including from the companies whose beneficiary is today Mr. Sebastian Ghita, the one who accused me in the public space of rigging a file. (…) I will appeal this profoundly unfair decision” Camelia Bogdan stated for Mediafax.


The important names sent to prison by Judge Camelia Bogdan


Judge Camelia Bogdan, who convicted the businessman Dan Voiculescu, became known for the hard sentences she gave in several cases, sending to prison several important persons, Digi 24 informs.

Among the important cases she judged is the one related to the fraudulent privatization of ICA, in which Dan Voiculescu was sentenced to ten years in prison.

In the same case, Camelia Bogdan sent to jail of Professor Gheorghe Mencinicopschi, former manager of the Food Research Institute, Corneliu Popa, former manager of the State Domains Agency, former Communications Minister Sorin Pantis, Jean Catalin Sandu, former head of the Legal Department of the State Domains Agency, Vlad Nicolae Savulescu, former head of the Privatization Department of ADS and Flavius Adrian Pop, head of service in ADS. Gheorghe Sin, Constantin Baciu, Petre Alexandru, Vica Ene and Grigore Marinescu received suspended prison.

Another important case in which she remarked was Sorin Ovidiu Vantu’s case. At that time, the judge appreciated that the medical certificate submitted by his lawyers was signed by a gynecologist.

Also, Cameia Bogdan was part, at a specific time, of the panel that judged the Lottery 1 case, in which George Copos was a defendant.

Other famous cases that reached Camelia Bogdan’s desk are Rafo-Carom, in which the businessman Marian Iancu was convicted, and the Transfers Case. The latter was related to irregularities in the transfers of certain Romanian football players abroad. Eight famous persons have been sentenced to jail: George Copos, Mihai Stoica, Gica Popescu, Ioan Becali, Victor Becali, Cristi Borcea, Jean Padureanu and Gigi Netoiu.

Camelia Bogdan was born in 1981 in Timisoara, and in the recent years she was a judge at the Bucharest Court, 2nd Criminal Department, then at the Bucharest Court of Appeal. The magistrate is specialized in judging corruption deeds and similar deeds, as well as serious crimes, committed under organized crime.



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