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December 8, 2021

Iranian Culture Days kick off in Bucharest

*Persian Art and Handicraft Exhibition


pag 8 expo iranThe Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti” invite the interested public on Friday, February 10, at 14.30, in the Glass Room, 30 Kiseleff Road, at the opening of the Persian art and handicraft exhibition held under the large program of the Iranian Culture Days in Romania.

The exhibition gathers numerous paintings of the famous painter and miniaturist MAHMOUD FARSHCHIAN, ceramics and faience, a collection of archeological reproductions of the reliefs, capitals and columns of Persepolis / Takht-e Jamshid (Jamshid’s Throne), the former capital of the Ancient Persia, currently deemed by historians and archeologists as the eighth wonder of the ancient world, handmade Persian carpets and handicrafts – for sale.

The Iranian Ambassador to Romania H. E. Mr. Hamid MOAYYER, Associate Professor Paula POPOIU and other guests will speak at the opening.

The exhibition can be visited from February 10 to 19, from Wednesday to Sunday, between 9.00 and 17.00.




Iranian Film Days


Iranian Film Days will also kick off on February 10, at the Romanian Film Library, bringing to the Romanian public’s attention successful films of the Iranian directors.pag 8 film iranian

The following film will be screened at the Opening Gala of the Iranian Film Days, on Friday at 17.00:


Azar, Shahdokht, Parviz va Digaran / Azar, Shahdokht, Parviz and Others (2014) – 92 min


For all of her married life, Shahdokht has been dissuaded from pursuing dreams of her own, constantly living in the shadow of her husband Parviz, a famous Iranian actor. But when necessity grants her the opportunity to seize the spotlight, she takes it with both hands. As she starts outperforming her husband, Parviz’s fragile ego comes to the fore and throws their relationship into turmoil, a turmoil made all the worse by their daughter Azar’s return to Iran. A searching drama about the double lives people lead, with the illusion Shahdokht and Parviz have to portray at odds with their life behind the scenes.

Directed by: Behrooz Afkhami


The next screening will be on Saturday, February 11, at 17.00:


Rahe Abi-ye Abrisham / Maritime Silk Road (2011) – 120 min


A man called Soleiman Siraf, according to historical documents, was the first sailor to cross the Indian Ocean to China. His route was then called the Maritime Silk Road and many merchants took that route to get their merchandise to China. One of the passengers in this film is a young man named Shazan Ibn Yusof who keeps a log of the voyage. The Maritime Silk Road started in The Persian Gulf and continued into India, Thailand and China. Shooting for some scenes in the film took place in Kanchanaburi, Thailand and used elephants from the Taweechai Elephant Camp.

Directed by: Mohammad Bozorgnia



On Sunday, February 12, at 19:00, the screened film will be:



Yeki Mikhad Bahat Harf Bezane / Someone Wants to Talk to You (2012) – 90 min



Yasaman has been living with her mother Leila since birth. Leila has never let her see her father. When Yasaman gets brain death in an accident, Leila has one week time to get consent from her ex-husband for a vital issue.

Directed by: Manouchehr Hadi


On Tuesday, February 14, at 19:00:


Yek satr vagheyat / A Row of Reality (2012) – 83 min


Film journalist Kasra and his wife Forough face the collapse of their publication, Farhange Fakhteh due to political, financial and legal troubles. In despair that their once-flourishing office is now little more than a store room, the couple seeks a way to save their business. Their luck seems to change when a generous offer is made by the mysterious Ghavami, the legal department head of a Swedish company. Worried about the repercussions of receiving foreign aid, the couple prepares to travel to Istanbul to collect the funds. An intimate portrait of how social change affects the lives of even those who eschew politics, this suspenseful drama is a touching look at a couple’s determination to save their livelihood.

Directed by: Ali Vazirian



Wednesday, February 15, at 19:00


Maryam-e Moghaddas / Saint Mary (2000) – 114 min


In the year 16 BC, the people of Jerusalem are awaiting the birth of the son of Joachim. Instead of the much-anticipated “Messiah”, a girl is born to Joachim and Anna. The latter names her Mary, which means “Servant of God”. At the age of six, Mary is presented at the Temple, and remains there under the protection of the priest Zechariah until she turns sixteen. While in Temple, Mary spends all of her time in labour and prayers, and is harassed by the Jewish priests. She achieves such holiness that the angel Gabriel appears to her, foretelling that she will bear a holy man. She later gives birth to Jesus.

Directed by: Shahriar Bahrani


Thursday, February 16, at 19:00, Closing Gala:


Shiar 143 / Track 143 (2013) – 90 min


Olfat is raising her children in hardship. She has one daughter and one son called Yonos who works in Kerman copper mine. One day, she finds a note at home with this massage “My friends and I are going to enter the war as soldiers”. After reading this note, Olfat and his friend’s parents got worried about their sons. When operation Valfajr failed, they received news about Yonos’s friend. Olfat is waiting for her son too. As she finds out that the Iraqi radio announces the Iranian captives’ names, she ties a radio on her back and carries it everywhere. After fifteen year, a person calls her and says “My brother and your son are in the same prison in Iraq”. Olfat gets happy and cleans the house, decorated the garden and invites some guests but the captive isn’t her missing son. That is a mistake and just the name is the similar. After that adventure, she lives as a recluse, but is waiting and hopeful for the return of her son. Eventually the dead body of Yonos is found and his bones are given to Olfat. Iranians call such people martyrs and respect them and their family.

Track 143 refers to an Iranian trench in Chazabeh region where the dead body of a soldier is found.

Directed by:  Narges Abyar




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