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August 18, 2022

Reactions following Florin Iordache’s resignation from JusMin office

Senate’s Judiciary Committee Chairman: Florin Iordache shouldn’t have resigned


Following Justice Minister Florin Iordache’s resignation, Serban Nicolae, Chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, stated for Antena3 private television broadcaster that the minister “shouldn’t have resigned.”

“It doesn’t seem a correct solution to me, but it’s taken after everyone can see the full picture of the much-ado-over-nothing of recent days. CCR has rejected the Ombudsman’s challenge, has rejected President Iohannis’s challenges yesterday too, so it is very clear that some political speculators tried to gain some profit and to overturn the result of the December 11th elections. Tough luck, so to put it! I’m talking about President Iohannis, about PNL, about USR, all those who tried to place themselves at the helm of the protesters, to speculate the good faith and honesty of those who went to protest. Even to instigate. You recall that on the first day of protests a person sporting a red jacket appeared, trying to place himself at the helm of the column. (…) I insisted that Florin Iordache should not resign. Florin Iordache had many things to do, things included in the governing platform in the field of the judiciary. (…) After the CCR issued its ruling, after the no-confidence motion, whose topic was OUG no.13, crashed in Parliament, I believe things changed and Florin Iordache deserved to be allowed to continue his job at the Justice Ministry, especially since this episode was entirely isolated,” Serban Nicolae stated.

Asked whether he would accept a proposal to be future Justice Minister, Serban Nicolae said: “I don’t believe this will come up. Just as [PSD] President Liviu Dragnea said, apart from governing we also have the responsibility of restoring Parliament its constitutional role. From this standpoint, my parliamentary experience – third stint as MP, former minister, former secretary of state, former presidential aide –, I believe more strength is needed in Parliament, where the debates are taking place, and I don’t believe my sectoral presence in a ministry would help very much.”

Asked who should be appointed Justice Minister, Serban Nicolae said: “A well-trained person, politically endorsed by PSD, a team player, a person who would be experienced both in legislating and in the praxis of the act of justice. (…) I hope President Iohannis will not use this opportunity to reject a first proposal and to ask for a second one only for people to see he is the president.”


PSD Deputy President Mihai Chirica: I commiserate with colleague Grindeanu


PSD Vice President Mihai Chirica does not see Florin Iordache resignation as a reason for joy and considers that Premier Sorin Grindeanu must make “a chess move” in order to prove that the party promotes the fight against corruption.

The leader of PSD Iasi told Mediafax on Thursday that he commiserates with “colleague Grindeanu,” who faces the most difficult moment after Justice Minister Florin Iordache resigned, namely the moment the Premier must choose a new minister for the vacated portfolio.

“It’s not necessarily a reason for joy, but I commiserate with colleague Grindeanu. Now he will have to take the next step, a chess move to bring a Justice Minister that would prove to the whole world that PSD is promoting anti-corruption, that it manages to promote bills meant to protect nobody, but simply meant to be bills in line with legal principles. It’s a difficult move, which he must make. I support him and, of course, to the extent I can be of use, I will help him as much as I can,” Mihai Chirica stated.

Asked whether he believes it was a resignation or a dismissal, Mihai Chirica said that it was a resignation, based on public information.

“Surely there is also an issue related to the team, to the group, let’s say close to a family, which probably allowed him the dignity to resign. Resignation is a unilateral decision, it cannot be challenged. A dismissal could have been challenged based on various reasons. So, another stage has been overcome, the hardest stage is up next,” Chirica said.

In what concerns the name of the potential replacement at the Justice Ministry’s helm, Chirica said he does not have a name for the time being and he does not believe he is the one who has to nominate someone in this sense.

Asked whether Iordache’s resignation can be considered the street’s victory, Chirica said “it’s a victory for this country.”

“If it’s necessarily a victory I believe it’s a victory for the country, not for the street, not for anyone. It’s a victory for this country, which showed everyone that Romania is and can remain a role model in what concerns the fight against excesses that can be made in the act of governing, as well as in the rest of the public decisions. It’s a role model in what concerns the fight against corruption, it’s something that has to be followed and they will probably speak well at European level,” the leader of PSD Iasi said.


 Iordache: I have decided to tender my resignation


Against the backdrop of the scandal that started over a week ago following the adoption of government emergency ordinance (OUG) no.13 amending the Criminal Codes and of the bill on the granting of pardons, Justice Minister Florin Iordache announced on Thursday, after the Government meeting, that he will resign even though OUG no.13 was not declared unconstitutional.

“Ever since I took office, I planned and I carried out all legal overtures to remedy a series of existing and fairly sensitive problems. As you saw, all the overtures carried out are legal and constitutional. The proposed bills were in public consultation organised by the Justice Ministry and are now being debated in Parliament. Nevertheless, for the public opinion it was not enough. As a result, I have decided to tender my resignation from the office of Justice Minister,” Florin Iordache stated at a briefing at Victoria Palace.

PSD’s Florin Iordache will thus return to the Lower Chamber.


Ana Birchall,  interim minister at Justice Ministry


Minister-delegate for European Affairs Ana Birchall was proposed as interim minister at the Justice Ministry, a release of the Government reveals.

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu sent to President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday the proposal for the Justice Minister.

“Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu sent today to Romania’s President, Klaus Werner Iohannis, the nomination proposal of Minister-delegate for European Affairs Ana Birchall as interim Minister of Justice,” the release mentions.

According to the quoted source, the proposal was made according to the provisions of the article 106 and the article 107, the paragraphs (3) and (4) of the Constitution of Romania, republished, as well as in accordance with the article 9 of the Law No.90/2001 regarding the organization and functioning of the Government and ministries, with subsequent amendments and additions.



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