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April 11, 2021

Russian Ambassador Kuzmin on protests: Recent events do not offer a favorable ground for Russian-Romanian dialogue

Ambassador of Russia in Bucharest Valery Kuzmin stated on Friday that the recent events in Romania don’t offer a favorable ground for establishing a dialogue between the two states, but expressed his hope that the Government of Romania, although engaged “in a different agenda” will also find room for a Russian – Romanian dialogue.

“Unfortunately for our relations, the recent events don’t offer a favorable ground for establishing a dialogue. Because in the first half of the last year everyone was preparing for the elections, the Government had a very short mandate. We waited for a new Government to come with another mandate, in order to start a dialogue full of substance. Now, again, your Government is engaged in a different agenda. We hope to find room in this agenda, but, obviously, the political instability is not encouraging,” stated Kuzmin, according to Agerpres.

On the other hand, when referring to the content of the problem, the Russian diplomat stated that the topic is related to “the unconditional sovereignty of the Romanian nation” and is not a theme which Russia has to respond to.

“We don’t claim the role of mentor, that is your job. (…) We believe we needed a stable, prosperous and friendly vicinity around our borders and we hope Romania (…) will be ready (…) for a multi-dimensional dialogue between our countries,” Valery Kuzmin added.

He said that the recent statements of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry don’t bring any new elements in describing the situation of the Russian – Romanian relations.

“We don’t say that Romania represents a threat to Russia, but that the political actions of Romanian leaders who make Romania an outpost, (…) particularly the elements of the US anti-missile global defense system, these represent a threat to Russia,” Kuzmin maintained.

The Ambassador mentioned that, since his arrival to Romania, he heard “many not so friendly remarks” regarding Russia.

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