Turcan: PNL should be the first party that learns from message of people in the streets

The interim head of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and Member of Parliament, Raluca Turcan, stated on Friday, in a press conference in Sibiu, that PNL should be the first party that learns from the message of hundreds of thousands people who took to the streets these days, at a time when the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea and Premier Sorin Grindeanu did not understand anything from the people’s requests.

She added that the moment of the current political crisis will “separate the waters” and will show that the honest partnership of citizens can be a political force.

“They must be respected and solidarity towards them should be strengthened, it was proved that in the top of politics on the level of political decision-makers their message is listened, and from what I have seen in the last period there are very few who understood the citizens’ message. Mr Dragnea did not understand anything, PSD did not understand anything, Mr Grindeanu, the head of the Government who gave this blow, did not understand anything. The fact that they do not understand anything is not a surprise for anybody, but PNL understands and I think the first who should learn from the message of those in the streets should be PNL, and this means a responsible, transparent, correct political decision, the involvement of every citizen. I think this moment will separate the waters, this moment will show what a veritable political force can be the honest partnership of citizens and who is miming the partnership. As an interim head of the PNL, this is my biggest wish, for the PNL to become a symbol for all those who want a political partnership in Romania that will protect their interests”, Raluca Turcan stated.

Likewise, Turcan showed that the spirit in the streets, proved in the last days, is an exceptional one and would be a pity “to be lost and not to be transformed into a force that would reach the attention of all those that have the decision that Romanians cannot be ignored and should be listened.”

Furthermore, the interim head of the PNL showed that “PNL will remain unequivocally the supporter of the President Klaus Iohannis in the demarche for saving the democracy and balance of powers in the Romanian state, it remains the partner of the President Klaus Iohannis in the fight against corruption and correct and transparent functioning of the judiciary system.”

She mentioned that PNL will support the objectives on the fight against corruption and integrity of public office which will be raised in the referendum initiated by President Iohannis.

“PNL together with the citizens of good will in this country will go ahead to the referendum initiated by President Klaus Iohannis. The problem raised in the referendum will be one that refers to the fight against corruption and integrity of public office. These are objectives followed by all the citizens who wish to find in Romania the success in life, it is the objective of all those who believe that the chance for prosperity comes from equality in front of the law and respect of political decision-makers for every citizen of this country. Romanians will say which is the most pressing national interest. Certainly, Romanians will not choose to save a small group of people with law problems, will not choose to do this thing to the detriment of a healthy future of their own children. Corruption hindered the development of Romania in the last 27 years and if we accept the PSD to pull sharply the hand brake, we risk losing all we achieved in the democracy resulted in the last years”, Turcan pointed.

According to her, after the internal elections that will take place in the party, the PNL should get strengthened and transformed in the natural partnership of citizens who wish equality in front of the law. “As I said, my role as the interim head of the PNL is for PNL to get strengthened from the internal elections, the PNL to be transformed in the natural partnership of citizens who believe that prosperity and success in Romania can be achieved through equality in front of the law, through real equal chances. Thus, after the upcoming internal elections, PNL should become the partner of business environment, Romanian businessmen, of all those who value the competition and those who believe that fight against corruption should start at the highest level”, the PNL leader emphasized.

Furthermore, asked at the press conference whether other discussions took place for the adhesion in the PNL of former Premier Dacian Ciolos or former President Traian Basescu, Raluca Turcan answered negatively.

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