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August 9, 2022

Basescu: Grindeanu gov’t must go, PSD should appoint another Premier

The People’s Movement Party (PMP) president, Senator Traian Basescu said on Sunday for a televised broadcast that he agrees with the protesters in Victoriei Square who say that the Grindeanu Government must go, and also with those at the Cotroceni Palace who say that the election result must be observed, and that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) should stay further at rule.

Traian Basescu asserted that the current government must go because “it tried to lie” and currently we have “a government closed at the external level.”

“This government must go (…) As long as Grindeanu pops up as Prime Minister in the Western chancelleries, this government will have problems. What the PSD must do – it must nominate faster another Premier and put up a new government very rapidly,” Traian Basescu told the TVR1 public television.

He also said that he doesn’t agree with the protesters in Victoriei Square who demand the Government to never touch the “Criminal Code,” saying that we have the obligation to amend those articles of the said code which are unclear.

As for the protesters at the Cotroceni Palace, Basescu says that they are not right when saying that the President should go and the Government shouldn’t. But they ask for another thing the President should obey, the result of the general election. And here they are right, says Basescu.

The former head of the state says that the biggest mistake of Grindeanu government was that it tried to amend only a few articles of the Criminal Code, leaving the impression that it wanted to defend its “political clientele.”

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