Ambassador Maior: Iohannis – Trump meeting, most significant objective from standpoint of bilateral political dialogue

Romanian Ambassador to the U.S. George Maior stated in an interview broadcast by Digi24 on Saturday evening that U.S. President Donald Trump’s national security advisor “promised” him that he will visit Romania by June, a meeting between President Klaus Iohannis and President Donald Trump being the “most significant” objective from the standpoint of bilateral political dialogue at strategic level.

Asked whether high-level visits will take place this year, George Maior said that “intense” work is being done in this sense.

“We are working intensely and we are waiting for the new secretary of state to take office in order to work on a visit he would pay in the region, or on visit that Romanian counterparts would pay here [in the U.S.]. I was promised by Mr. Trump’s national security advisor, who visited Romania in 2014 too and whom I know very well, he would pay a visit to Romania to better understand the complexity of the region from the standpoint of security, but also of the way in which Romania significantly contributes to the American and NATO allied concept of stability and security in the Black Sea region. So, we hope to accomplish this by June,” the Romanian ambassador said.

Maior pointed out that a meeting between Klaus Iohannis and U.S. President Donald Trump represents “the significant objective.”

“And of course, the most important thing, our most significant objective from the standpoint of bilateral political dialogue at strategic level is a visit, a meeting between the Romanian President and the President of America. It’s permanently on the agenda, we will see how this absolutely necessary intention will materialise, because Romania has what to show and to very clearly discuss with the U.S. from the standpoint of security, security policy, military, intelligence policy, economic policy. Romania is a very significant and important U.S. ally in the region and even at global level,” George Maior concluded.


On the SRI scandal: I have nothing to reproach myself with; I’m sorry Florian Coldea stepped down


The Romanian ambassador to the U.S., who was Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) before he left for Washington, also stated in the same interview, referring to the SRI scandal in which he was named alongside Sebastian Ghita and Florian Coldea, that he has absolutely nothing to reproach himself with, but is sorry that Florian Coldea decided to step down after contributing “enormously” to the reformation of the Service.

“I cooperated very well with that investigation that took place within the Service. I was the one who voluntarily added supplementary explanations when needed. Things were clear from the standpoint of that investigation. For decades, SRI has become one of the strongest in the world, respected, credible, and I see this here too, I see this fact everywhere. I don’t believe we can revise something that simply contributed fundamentally to linking Romania to the Euro Atlantic circuit of intelligence and knowledge,” the former director of the SRI said.

George Maior emphasised that he does not reproach himself anything.

“So, I have nothing to reproach myself with and I’m sorry Mr. Coldea, who has contributed enormously to the reformation of this Service, has decided to step down. It’s all I can say,” the Romanian ambassador to the U.S. concluded.

Adrian Tutuianu, Chairman of Parliament’s SRI Oversight Committee, recently revealed that Florian Coldea, Sebastian Ghita, George Maior (SRI Director at the time) and ex-Deputy Premier Vasile Dincu spent their vacation in Tuscany.

“Mr. George Maior gave certain explanations to the internal audit commission. They didn’t go together to the Seychelles for example. That information does not exist. They did [go together] to Tuscany,” Adrian Tutuianu stated when asked whether the Maior family spent vacations abroad with Sebastian Ghita.

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