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March 29, 2023

Liberals meet in the National Permanent Bureau. The list of candidates for the party’s leadership is open

*Alin Tise, President of the Cluj County Council, plans to run for PNL’s leadership


President of the Cluj County Council (CJ), Alin Tise, Vice President of the National Liberal Party (PNL), announced on Friday that he will run for a leadership position in the party, maybe even for the President of the party, according to Agerpres.

“PNL National Permanent Bureau will meet on Monday, and we’ll discuss about convening a National Convention were elections will be held, most likely late in May, or early in June. Here will be several candidates from PNL Cluj for leadership positions; I will personally run for one of the leading positions, probably for the PNL President” Alin Tise, who comes from the old PDL  stated in a press conference.

He added that “the time for those who lead the parties by combinations, groups and manipulations made among the members has ceased”.

Until now, the only one who clearly announced his intention to run for the party’s president is MP Catalin Predoiu. Ludovic Orban also hinted that he will run if he will solve his legal problem, which has already happened. In his turn, MP Ovidiu Raetchi didn’t exclude a possible candidacy. On the other hand, the former President Alina Gorghiu announced that she has no intention to run again for the party’s presidency.


Orban: Better late than never


“PNL National Political Bureau was convened on Monday, February 13. The main purpose of the meeting is to trigger the elections inside the party, from bottom up. I expect decision that guarantee free and fair elections, allowing PNL members to choose their best leaders at all levels” Ludovic Orban wrote on Facebook few days ago.


Alina Gorghiu: I have no intention to run at the PNL congress, which most likely will be held in June


Former PNL President, Senator Alina Gorghiu, stated on Friday at Timisoara that she has no intention to run at the party’s congress, which most likely will be held in June, when the Liberal leadership will be elected.

Alina Gorghiu stated, in a press conference held at PNL Timis, that a political committee will propose this month to the National political Bureau of the party, an agenda of the elections and a date when PNL National Convention will take place.

“It’s a high interest for the PNL National Convention, not only inside the party. This month, on 26th, a political committee will propose to the National Political Bureau an agenda of the events”, Alina Gorghiu stated.

She mentioned that she supports a partnership with the technocrats, as well as right wing’s reunification.

“I believe we shouldn’t have any inhibition to talk about a partnership with technicians, even if the notion of technocrats was tarnished in the recent period. I believe it’s necessary for those who will lead PNL to assume right wing’s reunification. It’s a project that I’ll support. PNL future leaders will have to clarify the party’s positioning on subjects like Constitution, Justice” Gorghiu said, according to News.ro.

Alina Gorghiu also stated that she has no intention to run at the PNL National Convention.

“I have no intention to run, but I will support a team which supports the previously mentioned principles. The National Convention will be held around June” Gorhiu mentioned.


Nicolae Robu proposes amendments of the PNL statute. Candidates should be established with no interference from the headquarter


The President of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Timis, Nicolae Robu, supports five proposals of amending the PNL status, “for a better functionalization and a higher level of democratization of the party”, including the requirement that all the candidates in elections, on the list or uninominal elections, “should be established exclusively by the decisions of the branches, without any interference of the national bodies”.

“At the meeting of the PNL national leadership with the branch presidents, I have supported the following proposals for amending the PNL statute, which were consensually agreed by the PNL Timis County Political Bureau and by the participants to the Timis Liberal Circle of Discussions, 1st edition (February 9, 2017) and therefore consisting in official requirements of the PNL Timis branch to the party’s national leadership, in the attention of the Statute Committee”, Nicolae Robu stated on Sunday, in a post on his Facebook page.

The first amendment provides that the Local Political Bureau (BPL), the County Political Bureau (BPJ) and the National Political Bureau (BPN) should be more supple, formed by a smaller number of members, for example more than 40 people.

Other amendment refers to the Executive Directing Colleges, which “should be disbanded, and the only bodies hierarchically superior in relation to the permanent bureaus will be the Coordination Councils”.

The third proposal provides that “BPL and BPJ will be formed as a result of the direct, universal elections at the level of the local organization, respectively at the branch level”.

Nicolae Robu also proposes that the presidents at the local, county and national level “will be established by direct, universal elections at that level, all the members having at least 3-month seniority in the party at the date of the elections having the right to vote”, having the fee paid from the merger to the end of the previous month to the one in which elections will take place.

The last proposals refers to the candidates in the elections, both in the elections on the list and in the uninominal elections, who “must be established exclusively by the branches’ decisions, without the interference of the national bodies”, Nicolae Robu concluded.





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