Dragnea: There are two or three moles inside PSD. We’re keeping them for conservation breeding. Relationship with Grindeanu very good

PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Tuesday that his relationship with Premier Sorin Grindeanu is “very good,” despite some accusations levelled publicly and statements made by “moles.” Asked what he is going to do about the latter, the Social Democrats’ leader said that PSD is “keeping them for conservation breeding.”

“[The relationship] is very good. We are talking every day. We’re close to meeting every day too. I’ve talked with the Premier today (Tuesday – editor’s note), because I see it on television too, and we’re no longer children and we understood, what with the great break within PSD – which doesn’t exist –, what with the great break between me and the Government. We’ve concluded that we have to come out publicly, two or three times a week, for people to see us together, because I no longer know what we should say about this,” Dragnea said.

He stated that an attempt is being made to inculcate the idea that there is a problem within the party, however that is false and “this break does not exist.” “If what you’re saying is true, maybe there are colleagues of mine who, on seeing this on television, are starting to believe it, because a lie repeated endlessly risks becoming the truth,” the PSD President said.

Asked whether there are “moles” within the party, as he recently claimed, Dragnea ironically said that he spotted them using “open sources.” “I made an analysis based on open sources, an expression that an institution we all love is using. On open sources. We are analysing what some people have said in recent months,” he said.

Liviu Dragnea was also asked what he is going to do with them. “You are seeing them on television, two or three. We’re keeping them for conservation breeding.”

The PSD President also commented on the decisions adopted by PSD’s county branches, decisions to reconfirm him as party president through votes cast by the party’s local executive committees, pointing out he does not believe he has to ask higher party bodies such as the party conference to reconfirm him too.

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