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June 21, 2021

DRPCIV: Approximately 9,500 new vehicles registered in Romania in January; over 7,000 are cars

The first month of 2017 saw 9,480 vehicles newly registered in Romania, an increase by 14.18pct compared to the same period of the previous year, most of the registrations being recorded on cars, namely 7,059 units, shows the data of the Directorate for Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration (DRPCIV), consulted by Agerpres.

According to the DRPCIV, in January 2017, in accordance with the number of the registered units, most of the requests referred to: Dacia (2,159 units, +4.41pct compared to January 2016), Volkswagen (824 units, +57.55pct), Skoda (645 units, +43.33pct), Renault (626 units, +56.89pct) and Ford (540 units, +37.22pct).

On the other hand, the most reduced frequency of the registrations was recorded in the case of Jaguar (8 units), Maserati and Subaru (each four units), Alfa Romeo, Ford-CNG-Technik and Tesla (each two units), BMW 1, Citroen-DS, smart and SsangYong (each one unity).

In accordance with the type of vehicle, in January, the most important growth on the registrations’ number was recorded at the semi-trailers (290 models, +36.15pct), cars (7,059 units, +21.71pct), semi-trailers (597 units, +17.06pct), mopeds/motorcycles (88 models, +15.79pct), and vehicles with special destination (47 units, +2.17pct).

On the other side were placed the tractor registrations, 10 units (-60pct) and buses and minibuses (40 units, -35.48pct).

According to the statistic of the DRPCIV, the national car fleet increased in 2016, by 6.21pct compared to the previous year, exceeding 7 million vehicles, of which over 1.25 million were registered in Bucharest.

Therefore, from 1.253 million of cars that were registered in Bucharest (approximately 18pct of total), just over a million units were cars. In the capital, most of the vehicles, in the end of the previous year, were part of the 6 – 10 years of service category (346,594 units), followed by the oldest 11 – 15 years (301,648 units) and those with over 20 years of use (195,666 units).

The number of new vehicles (0-2 years old) from Bucharest, at the end of 2016, was of 134,322 units, and 104,068 of them were cars.

At the national level, from the total of 7,010,608 vehicles that run on the national roads at the end of last year, 5.47 million (78pct) were cars, in increase with over 6pct, compared to the end of 2015, when 5.15 million models were registered. At the end of 2016, on the roads of Romania, 3.036 million vehicles with diesel motorization (of which 2.119 million cars) were in circulation, while 3.586 million cars had gasoline engines, of which 3.339 million were cars.

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