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October 16, 2021

Ludovic Orban: I’ve filed my firm candidacy for office of PNL President. I’ve no fears regarding my court case

PNL’s Ludovic Orban stated on Monday, after the National Liberal Party’s Standing Political Bureau meeting, that he announced his “firm” candidacy for the office of party president, adding that he does not fear the fact that he is yet to receive a final court ruling and that he wants to become “the guarantor of PNL unity,” proposing that the party president should be elected by all party members.

“I’ve waited for this meeting of PNL’s BPN [Standing National Bureau], which gives the start to internal party elections, to announce my firm candidacy for the office of party president. The period that is starting in PNL’s life will be decisive for our subsequent evolution. I’ve filed my candidacy in order to offer character and identity, strength and credibility to the party whose member I am. My objective is to transform PNL for the better, so that we could win all electoral competitions against PSD,” PNL’s Ludovic Orban stated.

Ludovic Orban stated that as party president he wants to be the guarantor of PNL unity, adding that he will not discriminate among PNL members in any way.

“I’m not part of any faction, cooperative, gang, group. I’m part of a team, and my team is the entire PNL,” Orban added.

PNL must live “on its own two feet” and must take decisions in line with society’s expectations, however, at the same time, it must have “an honest, transparent partnership” with President Klaus Iohannis, which “would help Romania move forward,” Orban said.

Orban stated he has no fears about the fact that he is yet to receive a final court ruling in his legal case.

“When an outrageous injustice was committed and this criminal case was opened against me, at a time when I was credited with high chances in the race for the Bucharest City Hall, I took a step back, made a personal sacrifice despite being someone whose career has represented a model of honesty, (…) I didn’t run for a seat in Parliament either and I waited for the lower circuit court to make a ruling. Since the lower circuit court has made a ruling, I have no reason to imagine something else will happen,” Orban added.

Ludovic Orban said he wants as much democracy as possible within PNL, for regular party members to be allowed to freely express their will, for local leaders to be elected within the general assemblies of local party branches, not by delegates, for the leadership of county branches to be elected within the party’s county conference, and for the party’s national leadership to be elected by the National Convention or by each PNL member who meets statutory criteria.

“[My proposal is] for all members to have the right to elect their party president,” Orban added.

Orban rejected the idea that his proposal is similar to the manner in which PSD President Liviu Dragnea was elected by Social Democrats, and gave France as an example.

“Not like it happened at PSD, take a look at France,” Orban said.

The Liberals consider holding their party conference on June 17-18, immediately after Parliament goes on recess, stiripesurse.ro informs. The party conference will elect PNL’s sole president, a new National Standing Bureau and will finalise the merger between the old PNL and the old PDL.

In what concerns PNL’s presidency, for the time being only two candidacies have been announced: Ludovic Orban’s from the old PNL, and Catalin Predoiu’s from the old PDL.


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