PSD’s Ponta: No one proposed me the Justice Minister office

Former Prime Minister and Deputy of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Victor Ponta mentioned on Tuesday that he wasn’t proposed to take over the Justice Minister office in the current Grindeanu Cabinet.

“I said I’m not interested and I will not respond anymore to all the nonsense and gossips “of the square”/ but because serious people have asked me today, I have to mention: nobody proposed me to be the Minister of Justice and I absolutely don’t want such thing! Is it clear? (the last time I was Justice Minister I’ve made only mistakes),” Ponta wrote on his Facebook page.

On the other hand, Victor Ponta expressed his concern for Romania.

“I’m glad that I am not the only ‘madman’ that didn’t vote and support this useless and grotesque story with President’s referendums against the PSD! But I am very concerned for Romania – while our only subjects are: cases, handcuffs, protests, referendums, nobody gives a dam on: economy, European funds, investments, health care, education, foreign and regional politics!!! And you will see, very soon, what is the price we all have to pay! I haven’t seen such suicidal pleasure at any other nation!,” the PSD Deputy argued.

Florin Iordache resigned from the Justice Minister office on 9 February, in his place Ana Birchall being appointed as interim-minister, who is also the Minister-delegate for European Affairs, while some voices within the party alleged that Victor Ponta might become the permanent replacement.

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