Traian Basescu reveals which are the solutions to overcome the crisis in Romania

Former President Traian Basescu appreciates that in this moment, a terrible battle for power takes place, in which all the actors lie by omission and manipulate.

“PSD, through the Grindeanu Government, has non-transparently issued the famous GEO 13/2017 amending the CP (Criminal Code – e.n.) and the CPP (Criminal Procedure Code – e.n.), without treating all the amendments impose by the CCR decisions, but only those needed by its own political clients, and without informing correctly the media and the people on the ordinance’s consequences, causing a profound feeling of distrust in the Grindeanu Government, both internally and externally. For this reason, the Grindeanu Government must leave. They lied by omission.

At the same time, the Romanian President support his battle with PSD by formulations like “get your hands off DNA” , while the Attorney General Augustin Lazar and the DNA Chief-Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi launch the false information that the anticorruption fight is in a great danger because politicians intend to amend the CP and the CPP, in dozens of interviews in the internal and especially in the international media. But they lie through omission. They don’t say that both the CP and the CPP must be amended by the Parliament or by the Government (in PS, see Art.147 let. A of the Constitution), as a result of more than 50 CCR decisions regarding unconstitutional situations and of the obligation to implement the EU Directive 343/2016.

It’s obvious that people, and I particular the demonstrators in the Victoriei Square, and the few ones from Cotroceni, are in the middle of a terrible battle for power, between the political power and the force state institutions. A battle that is performed by saying half of true things, which led to a great manipulation by engaging the press on one or another side, saying that there’s a concern to make anticorruption fight to stop. Big shame, because, from this point of view, great progresses have been made in the last 10 years.

What to do?

  1. The parliament has to immediately amend the articles of the CPP and CP found to be unconstitutional, or having unconstitutional elements in their content.
  2. Parliament has to add in CPP and CP all the amendments related to implementing the EU Directive no.343 since 2016.
  3. Opinions of prosecutors, judges and lawyers must be gathered in the process of amending CPP and CP.

As for me, I will stand firm in defending the institutions conducting their activity I order to fight against corruption, but I will equally be a defender of respecting the fundamental rights”, Basescu wrote on Facebook.

The former President reminds the content of the Art.147 of the Constitution.

P.S. Art.147 para.1 of the Romanian Constitution

Provisions of the laws and ordinances in force, as well as those of the regulations, found to be unconstitutional, cease to produce legal consequences in 45 days since the Constitutional Court’s decision has been published, if in this period the Parliament or the Government, as the case may be, do not harmonize the unconstitutional provisions with the Constitution. During this term, the provisions found to be unconstitutional are suspended by the law.


General Prosecutor’s Office requests verification of Traian Basescu’s estate by Integrity Agency


The prosecutors with the General Prosecutor’s Office requested the National Integrity Agency (ANI) to verify the wealth declarations submitted by former president Traian Basescu.

According to the Press Relations Bureau of the General Prosecutor’s Office, the prosecutors classified the case in which Traian Basescu was investigated for money laundering in relation to the sale of a plot in Baneasa (north of Bucharest) to businessman Costel Casuneanu.

The prosecutors have reopened the investigations for committing false statements, in which respect ANI was notified to evaluate Traian Basescu’s wealth declarations.




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