Bucharest Stock Exchange: RON 7.87 million net profit in 2016, increase by 19pct compared to 2015

The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) registered a net profit of RON 7.87 million in 2016, an increase by 19pct compared to the previous year, shows a press release published on its own website.

“The net consolidated profit of 2016, RON 7.87 million, increased by 19pct compared to the same period of the last year and was realized in proportion of 85pct by the transaction segment of the Group, while the net margin went up to 25pct (from 22pct, in 2015). The consolidated operational income registered in the fourth quarter of 2016 compared to the same period of the last year increased by 2pct to RON 8.63 million, the income generated by the transaction segment of the BVB representing RON 5 million total. The operational spendings on the group’s level continued the descending trend, registering a decrease by 12pct, while the operational profit registered in the fourth quarter of 2016 went up to RON 1.93 million”, the document shows.

According to the BVB, the net consolidated profit of the Group increased by 49pct in the fourth quarter of 2016 compared to the similar period of last year to RON 3.58 million, having the main basis for growth the operational results of the transaction segment.

“Cumulated at the beginning of 2016, the growth of almost 4pct of the consolidated operational turnovers and decrease of over 6pct on the level of the consolidated operational generated spendings combined an advance by 89pct of the operational profit up to RON 6.07 million (12 months 2015: RON 3.22 million) and an improvement by 8 percentage points of the operational margin. The transaction segment of the Group generated in 2016 an operational profit of RON 5.41 million, having a major contribution in the operational result of the Group”, the quoted source mentions.

The net financial turnover of 2016, RON 3.09 million (2015: RON 4.74 million), was registered, mainly, on the turnovers generated by the group’s investments in government securities and deposits of RON 2.99 million (12 months 2015: RON 3.32 million), in decrease, following the diminution on the level of liquidities found in the disposal of society after the dividends’ payment afferent to the net profit for 2015 and the decrease of the bond yields and interest on deposits.

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