Ex-President Basescu: I made no mistake consolidating independence of prosecutors, judges; system’s big problem – magistrates’ human quality

The head of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) and Senator, Traian Basescu, states he did not make a mistake when consolidating the independence of prosecutors and judges during his mandates as the head of state, and adds, to those who reproach him for creating a justice system that commits abuses, that the “big problem” is the “human quality of magistrates.”

“The incredible fight with politicians for protecting the judiciary is still fresh in my mind, protecting the judges and prosecutors of the influence of politics. I staked on them, the prosecutors and judges, without any compromise with political parties or political people. It costed me two suspensions, but it was worth it. I put a solid pillar of justice’s independence, of rule of law”, Traian Basescu posted on Facebook, on Tuesday evening.

He adds that he did not request anything from the magistrates.

“I did not request anything in exchange from me, neither to be grateful to me, nor to be loyal to me, nor to make up cases to the political opponents, nor to save or convict somebody. I did not request anything for my family either. And I am confident that I proceeded correctly. I would do the same now, being confident that this is the correct behavior of a President”, the leader of the PMP says.

Basescu adds that, in the past two and a half years, since the mandate of head of state ended, he talked to many businessmen or politicians whose image was “destroyed” by prosecutors, before being judged, or with lawyers who reclaim different abuses of prosecutors.

He mentions, in completing his statements, that he noticed, in the last days, “the stands of the General Prosecutor, Augustin Lazar, and the Chief Prosecutor of the DNA [National Anticorruption Directorate], Laura Codruta Kovesi, full of hate and threatening, but also the disinformation and manipulation by stating half-truths, linked to the necessity of amending the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code.”

“But the most horrible thing that I get to know in discussions with businessmen, politicians and lawyers is that their cases and others are falsified through denouncements obtained by pressure of some corrupted prosecutors or thirsty of the glory of convicting some important politicians or some known businessmen. All those that approach me in private discussions on the subject of justice or their own cases reproach me that I created this oppressive system, they say. To these accusations, my answer is only one: I did not make a mistake when consolidating the independence of prosecutors and judges. I would do the same now”, Basescu underscores.

The head of the PMP adds that “the big problem of the justice system is the human quality of magistrates.”


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