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May 22, 2022

Romanian bus, involved in car crash in Hungary; two Arad SMURD teams sent to give aid. MAE: One Romanian citizen – among dead persons in accident in Hungary

A Romanian tour bus with passengers on board was involved in a multi-vehicle crash in Hungary, near the Nadlac border, two Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) teams of the Arad Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) being also sent at the scene, Spokesman of the Arad ISU Major George Plesca stated at the Digi 24 private television station.

A number of 15 victims were involved in the accident, 4 of them are deceased and 3 of them are trapped inside the tour bus, Director of the Arad Ambulance Mircea Merea stated.

According to the representative of the Arad Ambulance, four ambulances of the institution and 3 SMURD teams were sent to the scene. “The wounded will be transported to the Szeged Hospital,” Mircea Merea stated at the Digi 24 private television station.

The head of the Arad County Emergency Hospital (UPU) Monica Puticiu mentioned that in the Romanian tour bus, which was involved in the accident that occurred at approximately 3 kilometers of the Nadlac Customs, on the highway, there were 25 people.

According to the Arad UPU representative, the bus involved in the accident collided with a truck, another 15 vehicles being involved in the crash.

The Department for Emergency Situations (DSU) informed that forces of the Arad ISU and Timis ISU are intervening at the scene of the accident.

Two trucks for transporting personnel and multiple victims and one intensive care unit within the Timis ISU and three SMURD teams of Arad ISU and four ambulances within the Arad Ambulance Service are at the scene of the accident, giving fist aid to the victims. The SMURD helicopter of the Arad Aeromedica Operation Point is already currently alerted in order to intervene if the situation demands it, the DSU mentioned.


Raed Arafat: Injured persons transported to hospitals in Hungary


The people injured in the multi-vehicle crash, that occurred on Wednesday morning in Hungary, near Nadlac, in which a Romanian tour bus was involved, are transported to hospitals in Hungary, according to the decisions of Hungarian authorities, State Secretary Raed Arafat within the Interior Affairs Ministry (MAI) stated.

He revealed that, according to a temporary balance, a number of 39 persons were involved in the accident, 4 of them deceased and 11 persons were injured. Four of the injured are in a severe state.

Raed Arafat said that six Arad and Timis Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) teams and another three Arad Ambulance teams were sent to Hungary.

The first pieces of information reveal that the majority of passengers in the Romanian tour bus would be Bulgarian, but additional data is expected, Arafat also stated.


MAE: One Romanian citizen – among dead persons in accident in Hungary


A Romanian citizen is among the dead persons following the road accident that took place on Wednesday in Hungary, close to the Nadlac border crossing point, and another six wounded Romanians were taken to the Szeged and Mako hospitals, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) specifies in a press release.

“According to the preliminary information communicated by the Hungarian authorities at the scene, among the dead persons following the accident is a Romanian citizen. Six wounded Romanian citizens were taken to the hospitals in Szeged and Mako”, MAE specifies.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hungarian authorities continue the searches to establish the circumstances causing the accident and confirmed the identity of all the persons involved in the accident.

Likewise, the General Consul of Romania in Szeged went to the place of the accident and is in permanent contact with the representatives of Hungarian Police and Arad Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, which participate in the intervention.

The representative of the Romanian Consular Office will later go to the mentioned hospitals, to obtain additional information concerning the state of the wounded persons and to offer the necessary consular assistance, the MAE underscores.

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