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December 5, 2022

Zitec develops innovative project for the European Space Agency

  • The company creates, in partnership with the Institute of Space Sciences (ISS), a laboratory prototype
  • After the validation and testing of the technology in the laboratory, Zitec is planning for the future to extend the production of devices intended for outer space

Zitec, a leading local producers of online applications, developed in partnership with the Institute of Space Sciences in Magurele, a laboratory prototype for a photodetector that can track and record optical phenomena in space and the upper atmosphere, in a project for the European Space Agency (ESA) funded through the PRODEX program, coordinated nationally by the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA).

The project is a first for the European area, the innovation consisting of using a new type of sensor that can be used to detect the optical phenomena in space, in wavelengths UV (ultraviolet). With the technology validation from this prototype, Zitec plans the specialization on photodetector technologies and the takeover in the future of larger projects, of production of devices for outer space.

“We are very happy that we managed to obtain, along with ISS, this project funded by the European Space Agency. Not only that this collaboration motivates us and honors us, but opens for Zitec a new direction in which the software development is accompanied by the development of innovative hardware devices at the highest level. This project is based, for example on an advanced technology detectors, silicon photomultiplier (Silicon photomultiplier). It will be integrated into a device that our specialized department is building with ISS”, says Alexander Lapusan, CEO & Founder Zitec.

The photodetector system developed by Zitec will be mounted in a “dark chamber”, a box where no light penetrates, for testing it in dark conditions similar to those in the outer space. The device’s role will be to simulate and measure the optical phenomena and transmit the results to a computer system, where they will be processed. In the “dark chamber” there is a light pulse detection system, mounted on a frame that can move in all directions, to detect any light source. The dimensions of the dark chamber type device are of 1.1 x 1.1 x 2 m.

“We are pleased that ESA approved the project designed by us and that it will be implemented with the help of the Romanian company Zitec. It is a project that raises many challenges, from 256 parallel processing of analog signals, to the design and production of the electronic modules and, not least, the minimization of the errors that can occur in the system. We are confident that, based on Zitec experience in developing the innovative technologies, this project is just a beginning for a long-term cooperation”, said Mihnea Popescu, from the Institute of Space Science.

The project started in late 2016 and the deadline is set for April 2019. Zitec Embedded team is involved in its achievement; this department will be expanded in the coming period with new members, both in Bucharest and at national level, for the latter,  the company offering relocation packages.

About Zitec

Zitec is one of the leading companies in the IT industry in Romania, specialized in the development of products and complex online applications, and in online marketing services.

With a sustained annual growth rate, business of  EUR 4.5 million in 2015 and about 40% of revenue from external projects developed for partners in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands, the success of Zitec is confirmed locally by the references from some top customers, such as PayU, Flanco, Amadeus, Paravion, Depanero, Vector Watch or Network One Distribution.

Zitec is the only Amazon AWS Advanced Technology Partner in Romania and one of the few local companies certified by Microsoft ISV Gold and Microsoft Cloud Gold. The company has also the largest number of Zend certified (The PHP Company) specialists in Romania.

Zitec was awarded in 2016 at the ANIS Gala with the ‘Software Outsourcing Project of the Year ” award for the ” Depanero Back-Office ” solution and was included in the ” TOP 20 employers in IT ” by Biz Magazine.

Zitec supports and invests in companies in their early stages of development, providing technical and business advisory services and financial support. Among the companies from the Zitec investment portfolio are included: Zipongo.com (USA) cosQuare.com (Netherlands) and HAC Publishing! BD (Romania).

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