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August 6, 2021

‘Bute Boxing Gala’ case nears end, Felix Tataru to be heard as witness in last court hearing on March 1st

The ‘Bute Boxing Gala’ case is nearing its end. Felix Tataru – Traian Basescu’s and Klaus Iohannis’s political strategist – will be heard as a witness in the last court hearing on March 1st. Supreme Court judges decided on Wednesday to issue a subpoena on his name.

The ‘Bute Boxing Gala’ case’s last court hearing should have taken place on Wednesday, however the court was unable to hear Felix Tataru, the latter informing the judge by fax that he is not in Romania and cannot show up before the court to be heard as witness.

Elena Udrea’s lawyer told the judge he wants to file a forensic mental health assessment finalised in December 2016, whose written conclusions belong to psychologist Tudorel Butoi. The assessment analyses the behaviour of Elena Udrea (photo) and of the defendants who filed statements against her.

The DNA prosecutor present at the court hearing asked the court not to admit the assessment as a piece of evidence since it was carried out long ago and is no longer useful in this stage of the trial.

The judge allowed the filing of the assessment and issued a subpoena on Felix Tataru’s name, for him to be heard at the next court hearing.

The court established March 1st as the date of the next court hearing, when the trial on the merits could finish.

At the end of the court hearing, Elena Udrea stated that the extra-judicial forensic mental health assessment did not include a lie detector test but instead focused on her behaviour and the behaviour of those who filed statements against her in the ‘Bute Boxing Gala’ case.

“The logic of this forensic mental health assessment carried out by reputed professor Butoi was to show that, based on the contradictory statements made – statements that contradict the statements made by the same persons or the statements of those who levelled accusations against me -, they have a deceitful behaviour and made these statements out of the desire to save themselves, against the backdrop in which there is no evidence against me in the dossier except the statements made by Mr Nastasia, Ms Topoliceanu, or Mr Gardean,” Udrea said.

The lawyer of Tudor Breazu, Elena Udrea’s former aide, asked at a previous court hearing for Felix Tataru to be heard as a witness.

Felix Tataru, an elections campaign consultant to Klaus Iohannis and Traian Basescu, was heard by the DNA in March 2015 too, as witness in the ‘Bute Boxing Gala’ case. Back then, he was subpoenaed before prosecutors after Ana Maria Topoliceanu allegedly pointed out in her denunciation that sums of money from Elena Udrea ended up in Felix Tataru’s possession too.

The ‘Bute Boxing Gala’ case ended up at the Supreme Court in April 2015. Prosecutors have filed corruption charges against former Regional Development and Tourism Minister Elena Udrea, former Economy Minister Ion Ariton, former Romanian Boxing Federation President Rudel Obreja, former National Investment Company CEO Ana Maria Topoliceanu, Elena Udrea’s former personal aide Tudor Breazu, Elena Udrea’s former advisor Stefan Lungu, former Regional Development Ministry Secretary General Gheorghe Nastasia and businessman Dragos Botoroaga.

The guilty acts they were indicted for include: passive and active bribery, abuse of office, complicity to passive bribery, tax evasion and money laundering.


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