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December 2, 2021

Toyota Hybrid: The number 1 on the eco cars market in Romania

83% of the total eco car sales of the car market in Romania in 2016 were made by Toyota Romania through the 979 hybrid Toyota and Lexus units delivered.

According to the APIA report, the eco cars (hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electrical) market increased in 2016 to almost 1,200 cars (from 500 units last year), demonstrating the increasing preference of the Romanian consumers for alternative propulsion systems and a clear trend of the market towards a sustainable and responsible mobility. Of the total market for eco cars, 820 units were the Toyota Hybrid and 159 Lexus Hybrid, together representing 83% of the total.

Regarding the performance of models, the leader in terms of number of units is the Yaris Hybrid, with 357 cars sold in 2016, followed by Auris Hybrid (in two body variants) with 281 units.

However, Toyota and RAV4 Hybrid, the new crossover Toyota C-HR Hybrid and the iconic Prius have also contributed at the outstanding performance. In 2016, the hybrid propulsion system has secured over 20% of the total Toyota sales in Romania.

pag 5 toyota gama hybridThe Best-selling hybrid model from Lexus in 2016 was the Lexus RX, with 92 units, followed by Lexus NX with 53 units.

The Toyota hybrid system combines two power sources to propel. By combining a heat engine (gasoline) with an electric motor, there are fully exploited the strengths of the both sources of energy: power, on the one hand, high operating efficiency, on the other hand.

Toyota is the world leader in the sales of hybrid cars, with over 9 million units in circulation from the beginning of the first manufactured car with hybrid propulsion, Toyota Prius, in 1998, until now.

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