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April 21, 2021

County Council Chair Petrache, prosecuted for bribe taking, blackmail

Corruption prosecutors on Friday ordered the commencement of a criminal investigation of Chairman of the Ilfov County Council Marian Petrache over bribe taking and blackmail.

The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) said Friday in a press statement that back when the offences occurred, in 2008, Petrache was holding a senior position at the Ministry of Interior and Administration Reform as well as a county chairmanship of a political party.

“In 2008, defendant Petrache Marian, in his capacities mentioned above and in exchange for failing to exercise his legal prerogatives, received from the mayor of an Ilfov commune – which is now witness in the case – ill-gotten gains in the form of trips to Monte Carlo (17,681.84 lei) and Saint Moritz (39,625.67 lei). At the same time, upon the defendant’s request, the witness paid 10,000 euros to the political party indicated to him, without getting any proof for the transaction,” reads the DNA statement.

The ill-gotten gains alluded to by DNA are said to have been obtained by Petrache through blackmailing the witness so that the mayor will not request the Ilfov prefect to issue and order for a stay on his mayoral position. The prosecutors add that previously, in order to register a motor vehicle in Bucharest, the mayor in question changed domiciles, a reason for the mayoral tenure to cease.


Ilfov County Council head Petrache: Allegedly I’ve blackmailed Jilava mayor over changing ID card


The president of the Ilfov County Council (CJ Ilfov) Marian Petrache on Friday said upon leaving the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA)’s seat that he is charged with allegedly blackmailing the former mayor of Jilava commune, Adrian Mladin.

“Nine months ago, the mayor of Jilava – the famous Jilava mayor – who changed his ID card after being elected in that position, in Bucharest, and you know that if changed the ID card from the locality you have raced in you lose your mayor mandate, they say he went to the Prefect and that I had a talk with the Prefect that he was going to undo his ID card’s changing the next moment so that he was not sacked, and that I blackmailed him with this,” Petrache said after talking with the anti-corruption prosecutors.

When asked what was it that he has blackmailed the former mayor, Petrache explained that supposedly he had blackmailed the man so that the latter wouldn’t say he had changed his ID card and that he allegedly received a gift holiday for that.

“He paid a gift holiday I don’t know where (…) It cost EUR 2,100. (…) In Monte Carlo (…) I’ve been there, yet under different terms, I mean (…) He bought me the ticket by order (…) so it was not like that,” added Petrache.

He stated that he doesn’t understand why the former mayor decided to make a denouncement after nine years.

“Yes. He recalled that. (…) Well, then, isn’t he arrested yet? Isn’t he doing time, for seven years? (…) I’ll take the lie detector. (…) So, listen to me, how could I blackmail my own mayor, don’t you find that outrageous? (…) I’m a friend of all mayors in Ilfov, I have a good relationship with the PSD ones, included,” Petrache said.

When asked whether he is going to resign, he answered affirmatively, but added that he wouldn’t resign from the County Council, only from party positions.

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