Basescu: An article of law is imperative to shield judges from prosecutors’ abuse

Former president Traian Basescu, leader of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) declared on Sunday night at the private TV broadcaster Romania TV, that it is imperative to adopt an article of law that would shield the judges against the prosecutors’ abuses, maintaining that there still are prosecutors like Mircea Negulescu in the system.

“Negulescu has become a benchmark, but I assure you there aren’t many Negulescu in the system. Everybody talks of the need for a law of the magistrates’ liability, I am telling you differently. The first emergency is a law protecting judges. And I’ll give arguments. At present, any judge who has a case from the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) in front of them – many of the cases are, we have to admit, as maestro Cristoiu said, editorials without evidence, without describing the act properly – is afraid of the DNA prosecutor. Why is that? The DNA prosecutor can place him under charge at any moment, whereas the judge who is in court and finds out that statements were taken under pressure, that denunciations were made under pressure, cannot take any action against the prosecutor. The maximum that they can do, for those who have courage, is to send the case back,” stated Basescu.

The former head of state explained that, in such circumstances, some judges are frightened.

“I stress it is imperative, before taking the revolutionary measure of the magistrates’ liability law, a law, an article of law through which the judges to be protected against the prosecutors’ abuses. (…) The judge cannot be indicted as an ordinary person or a politician by a prosecutor, the judge must be indicted after someone censored the prosecutor and it can only be the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM),” Basescu said.


PMP’s leader says Gov’t has to borrow at least 40 billion lei, calls national budget photoshopped


Former President Traian Basescu is arguing that the incumbent Romanian Government will have to borrow 40 billion lei (rd EUR 8.88 bln) to implement its electoral programme, calling the national budget “photoshopped”.

Basescu, also the national leader of the People’s Movement Party (PMP, opposition), told Romania TV private broadcaster on Sunday that PSD (Social Democratic Party, at rule) cannot implement its electoral promises with the deficit projected in the current national budget law, arguing that the receipts are too small against the outlays of the Government.

“This government has generated mistrust that will perpetuate, but, it takes a highly credible prime minister for PSD’s programme to succeed. Why? Because they will get to borrow a lot of money. Do not believe that the programme can be achieved with the projected receipts and just 24 billion lei in deficit, as they claim the deficit will be. It will take at least 40 billion lei in loans. The budget is a photoshopped design (…), just like models do, the aggregate national budget has been done. Projected receipts are too small against the outlays they have in mind. So, Romania needs a credible government,’ Basescu told Romania TV on Sunday.

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