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April 12, 2021

Included on the black list for being excluded from PSD, Mayor Mihai Chirica replies to his contesters: “The time of the Stalinist measures has ceased”

Included on the black list of the party after he publicly criticized Liviu Dragnea, making him responsible for the fall of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) in the polls after the Government Emergency Ordinance (GEO) no.13 was approved, the Iasi mayor Mihai Chirica (photo)  replies to his colleagues, saying that “the time of the Stalinist measures has ceased in 1989”, according to gandul.info.

After Dolj and Olt, the Executive Committees (CEx) of PSD Bucharest and Ilfov, convened on Friday in a joint session, unanimously asserted their political support for the PSD President Liviu Dragnea and for the Grindeanu Government, proposing at the same time the exclusion of the PSD Iasi Interim President, Mihai Chirica.

“Following the repeated opinions recently expressed by the PSD’s political opponents, by which they obstinately try to posit the idea that there are major dissensions inside the party, inevitably causing a breach, the members of the two organizations have adopted three resolutions to give a strong message of unity and support for the team that won the elections of December, 2016 with a historical score”, shows the quoted press release.

According to the mentioned source, the first resolution refers to the political support for Liviu Dragnea as the PSD President, mentioning that he was “legitimately elected as a result of the internal voting of October 11, 2015”, and the second resolution provides the “direct” support for the PSD-ALDE Government led by Sorin Grindeanu, stating that it was “appointed in this position as a result of the democratic elections of December, 2016”.

In reply, the Iasi Mayor stated for gandul.info that he believes that “the time of the Stalinist measures has ceased in 1989”.

“The time of the Stalinist measures has ceased in 1989. If a person doesn’t subscribe one hundred percent to the principle <no sword will chop off a bowed head>, it doesn’t mean that he or she is a person who doesn’t reflect a correct political conduct. I reflected and I’ll continue to reflect a correct political conduct in relation with PSD, without disturbing the government act and the act of leading this party, but without staying impassible to the slippages”, Chirica stated to the Gandul correspondent.

The Mayor added that he didn’t have a conduct against PSD in his public statements.

“If PSD equals Liviu Dragnea, I have nothing else to comment”, he said.

Chirica claims that the request of the organizations that contest him is against the party’s statute, because he made “no statement reflecting a behavior that was against PSD”. “On the contrary, in all my statements, which can be proved, I have supported the party and the Government, and more than this, I drew attention on the slippages that decreased the party in the polls”, Chirica also stated.

“If PSD equals Liviu Dragnea, I have nothing else to comment. If we accept we are a modern and democratic organization, existing in a Romania that has also modernized with the political class, then things aren’t fair at all. I would never dare to make statements against a party member who, for reasons that are not correctly presented in Media every time, has legal problems or moral or criminal problems and who is not a member of the Iasi organization, I wouldn’t dare to ask to the Iasi county organization to request the dismissal of the member of a different organization. It’s a matter of morality, a matter of common sense, a matter that comes to pin-point exactly the possibility to expose yourself in a democratic manner in a party from a democratic Romania. I believe the time of the Stalinist measures has ceased in 1989”, Chirica stated.

The mayor added that “a conviction” of a party member who “sounds the alarm, proposing a path to follow, even in a public way”, is not reasoned, given that the leader “has decreased the party so much in the polls, in such a short time, without consulting his colleagues about the action plan for quickly recover the party”.

Regarding the approach of the mayors from Iasi who requested his dismissal from the leadership of the party’s branch, Mihai Chirica harshly commented: “I wanted to ask if the organization will also withdraw my Romanian citizenship, just to know what else I should expect to”.

Being asked if he resonates with PSD anymore, the mayor answered: “Of course! It’s a very simple matter. I really resonate with PSD. I believe others don’t resonate with the PSD of the year 2017, which is a very serious matter”.


PSD Gorj representatives will come in Bucharest on Monday, to ask Chirica’s exclusion from the party. Iasi Mayor: They are trying to get in with their boss


The representatives of the PSD Gorj will also come to Bucharest on Monday, to propose the party’s Vice President Mihai Chirica to be sanctioned.

“The Social Democrat Party militates for unity, firmness and for the continuation of the government program, the program with which we won the parliamentary elections of December 11, 2016. Besides the two resolutions adopted in the County Executive Committee, to unconditionally support the Government of the Social Democrat Party led by PM Sorin Grindeanu and to reassert the unconditional support for the President of the Social Democrat Party, Mr. Liviu Dragnea, the Social Democrat Party of Gorj will go, on Monday, in Bucharest, proposing the exclusion from the party of the PSD Vice President and Iasi Mayor Mihai Chirica, following his behavior in the difficult period that we went through”, states a press release issued by PSD Gorj on Friday.

According to the quoted document, the Iasi Mayor, “by his statements, tried to cause serious image damages, which is against the Social Democrat Party’s statute”, while the Grindeanu Government enjoys the support of the citizens who voted for PSD in the free and correct elections of December 11, 2016.

“At that time, Romanians expressed their trust and they validated by their vote the program presented by PSD in the electoral campaign. Therefore, the main objective is that the Government will return to the agenda providing the accomplishment of the measures expected with a large interest by all of the social categories”, also states the press release of PSD Gorj.


Chirica is surprised by the approach of his colleagues in PSD Gorj and says that by his statements he managed to save the party’s honor


Iasi Mayor believes that by his statements he managed to save the party’s honor, being surprised by the decision of his colleagues in the Gorj County.

“Yes, it’s true! The party went through a difficult period because of some persons. Of course, I managed to save the party’s honor, which Mr. Grindeanu confirmed (…) by admitting in front of the European Commission that the ordinance was a mistake and it had to be withdrawn. First of all, it shouldn’t appear. We believe we are in a society that is cleaned out in a very clear manner of the bad habits of another society we overcame since a long time ago. There’s still a trend to manifest like in the old times, or the reminiscence of some people who remained somehow in a backward thinking. It’s immoral, because I have never said a negative word against the party. On the contrary, I’ve supported it and I did whatever necessary for us to show that PSD is not the red plague, that it doesn’t make laws only for the leaders and that it’s a fair organization, adjusted to the reality of the today’s Romania. Secondly, it’s immoral for the political organizations of other counties to make statements against the members of the Iasi organization. Before being an elected Vice President at national level, first of all we are members of the local organizations, which we proudly represent, and nobody can make statements about other organizations. I’ll not go into the details of some organizations, Gorj, Ilfov, or others, to look for the people having criminal problems, to tell them that they are not representative that they have various problems, image problems, morality problems, it’s not the problem of the Isi organization. It’s the problem of the organization where each member belongs. Making a general statement because this is the trend or because a superior in the party told you that this is the necessary trend, honors me. It means that I became a national member, which is extraordinary. Such a thing has never happened before” stated PSD Vice President Mihai Chirica on Friday for the Mediafax correspondent.

Iasi Mayor also mentioned that the Gorj organization has reacted like this “to get in with their boss”.

“I don’t feel like I am thwarted and I am not afraid towards such approaches. They are non-statutory and somehow they express an attempt to get in with the boss. The statement that by managing to stop the fall causes ‘serious damages’ is a Stalinist interpretation. We must butcher intellectuals and priests because they cause serious image damages to the party, because they are not in a consensus with the comrade’s policy, because when you express yourself and say ‘wake up, I am in your family, but you don’t want to wake up’, these are things that cause ‘serious damages’, indeed. I don’t want to make any comment on the motivation of my colleagues in Gorj, because I don’t know what they were told, but any party member has the obligation to be informed, as he has the obligation to know the laws of his own country” Mihai Chirica concluded.



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