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September 29, 2020

Prosecutor Mircea Negulescu has resigned from magistracy

On Friday evening, prosecutor Mircea Negulescu sent his resignation from magistracy to the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), stated judicial sources.

According to some judicial sources quoted by Hotnews, prosecutor Mircea Negulescu has resigned, given that he risks to be excluded from magistracy.

After an audio recording of a phone conversation that he had with a defendant’s wife on a case was published, Judicial Inspection proposed to the Superior Council of Magistracy to suspend prosecutor Mircea Negulescu from office until the final decision on the filed disciplinary complaint; he was a former magistrate of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Ploiesti, currently being at the Prosecutor attached to the Campina Court.

The Superior Council f Magistracy registered on Friday the Note of the Judicial Inspection by which Mircea Negulescu, currently being at the Prosecutor attached to the Campina Court, is proposed to be suspended from office until the final decision on the disciplinary complaint.

The request of the Judicial Inspection relies on the Article no.52, para.1 of the Law no.317/2004, providing that “during the disciplinary proceedings, the corresponding department of the Superior Council of Magistracy, ex officio or at the proposal of the judicial inspector, may order the suspension of the magistrate from office, until the final decision on the disciplinary complaint, if by continuing to exercise his or her duties, he or she could affect the impartial conduct of the disciplinary proceedings, or if the disciplinary proceedings is likely to cause serious damages to the prestige of the judiciary”.

The department for prosecutors of the Superior Council of Magistracy ordered on Thursday to notify the Judicial Inspection on prosecutor Mircea Negulescu’s case regarding possible disciplinary offenses and breaches of the Judges’ and Prosecutors’ Code of Ethics. Also on Thursday, CSM approved prosecutor Mircea Negulescu’s request to cease his activity at DNA Ploiesti, and to continue to act as a magistrate of the Prosecutor attached to the Campina Court.

Judicial Inspection was notified after Romania TV channel published on Tuesday an audio recording with a conversation between two persons, one of them being presented as Mircea Negulescu, prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Directorate – Ploiesti Territorial Service.

In the recording, prosecutor Mircea Negulescu allegedly talks by the phone with the wife of the businessman Vlad Constantin, who is defendant in a case. Prosecutor Mircea Negulescu reveals data and details of the criminal files to Vlad Constantin’s wife.

After the recording have been published, Vlad Constantin confirmed that the conversation took place between his wife and prosecutor Negulescu.

“Mr. Negulescu is hungry for denunciations. I’ve supported all the criminal investigation bodies. They sent me and they are sending me also now to psychiatry. I don’t know why. They send me to psychiatry and later they say I’m right. I didn’t make any denouncement against Mr. Negulescu. I don’t know how some prosecutors managed to be prosecutors. I told him he has a despicable character. He told me he cannot make that case because he’s not allowed by somebody. I’m not afraid for anybody. They take me, they put me into jail, and they release me. I am a master of the technique. I filmed Marta and Radu Nemes in the plane. Blackmail evidences have been created against me, but I recorded them”, Vlad Constantin stated for Romania TV.

Mircea Negulescu made the investigation in the case in which Victor Ponta and Sebastian Ghita are investigated on Tony Blair’s visit in Romania, and he is a witness in the case in which Sebastian Ghita is judged for corruption deeds, together with former heads of the Prahova Prosecutor and Police.

In March, 2016, when the former deputy head of the Prosecutor attached to the Ploiesti Court of Appeal (PCAB), Aurelian Mihaila, was arrested, DNA prosecutors stated that in 2014 he tried to discredit Mircea Negulescu, who was at PCAB at that time, making investigations in the case of the tax evasion with a prejudice of EUR 35 million, in which were sued Razvan Alexe, Marcel Pavaleanu, who was a former employee of the Government’s General Secretariat, together with several businessmen from Prahova whose companies had contracts with Prahova County Council.

In 2015, Mircea Negulescu left the Prosecutor attached to the Ploiesti Court of Appeal and went to DNA Ploiesti, being a witness in the case in which his former colleagues, prosecutors Liviu Tudose and Aurelian Mihaila, are judged together with Sebastian Ghita, the former head of IPJ Prahova Viorel Dosaru, and the former head of DGA Prahova Constantin Ispas.



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