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December 4, 2021

Liviu Dragnea: The new Justice Minister could be proposed on Wednesday

President of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea stated on Sunday evening at Romania TV that the Government’s Emergency Ordinance (GEO) no.13 was a pretext for the political opponents to ask for the Government’s resignation, mentioning that the future Justice Minister could be proposed on Wednesday, after the meeting of the government coalition. Also on Wednesday, PSD will probably take a decision on the Vice President Mihai Chirica, the Iasi Mayor, who criticized the central leadership many times in the recent weeks.

Liviu Dragnea stated that GEO 13 was covering a legal vacuum, but it was proved that the ordinance was only a pretext, because the Government continues to be asked to resign.

“I saw many upset people, even foreigners, and it seemed strange to me to see a head of a bank protesting against the Government. I heard too that multinational companies promoted and supported these protests. I also received from Adrian Tutuianu the information that he revealed to the public”.

“It doesn’t mean that I don’t expect President Tutuianu to continue revealing the information he can reveal, but most of them is public information which people have to know”, said the head of the Deputies’ Chamber.

The chief of the parliamentary committee for SRI’s control, PSD Senator Adran Tutuianu, stated on February 6 that he will request answers from the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) related to his suspicions that the multinational companies supported the protests against the Government in Romania explaining that it would violate the national security law.

PSD leader appreciates that the current state of the society is because of the dissatisfaction and frustration of the political opponents for the reason that they lost the parliamentary elections.

“I cannot forget what President Iohannis told to Tariceanu… that he declares a total war against PSD. It’s a pity that we got into this situation. I am trying to understand President’s defeat and frustration. Iohannis should have been the President of all the Romanians and he shouldn’t urge people to protest. Truth will come to light. I believe that they are trying to do anything not to let us implement this program, because the risk is for them to become a spectator of a good program”.


About the appointments of the new Ministers


As for the new JusMin, the PSD President pointed out that his or her name will be revealed after the meeting of the PSD-ALDE coalition of Wednesday.

“I believe that next week we will decide on the two appointments and they will be sent to Cotroceni to be approved by Iohannis. I talked with the PM, and after the show I’ll call Tariceanu and Constantin, we’ll discuss on Wednesday, and maybe we’ll approve the appointments, to start the legal proceedings. The justice Minister has to be a person with a good CV that is hard to be contested, with experience in the field, with the ability to generate and coordinate a serious debate on the laws in this field. Starting with the codes, there are convicted people because of some unconstitutional provisions”.

He said he talked with PM Grindeanu on Sunday evening and he will call the ALDE leaders, so that a meeting of the government coalition will be convened on Wednesday, on the matter of these proposals.

“It’s possible that the political structures of the two parties will approve these proposals also on Wednesday. PM thought at some options, we thought at some options, so on Wednesday we’ll have a very important meeting”, Dragnea stated.

He added that also on Wednesday will be discussed if the Government will be reorganized or not. “By this time, it will not be (reorganized – e.n.), the PM is somehow reserved on this issue”, said Dragnea.

PSD leader avoided to say if it’s better to be appointed a politician for the Justice Minister or not.

“If these skills are fulfilled by a politician, very well, if he’s not a politician, but an experienced professional, very well, too” Dragnea stated.

As for the future Minister for SMEs, PSD leader said that we need a person with a certain political importance, who understands the business environment, who has experience and who communicates.


Chirica case, analyzed by the PSD Executive Committee


The PSD leader also announced that on Wednesday will be held the PSD Executive Committee, where the Iasi Mayor Mihai Chirica’s case will be discussed. Dragnea stated that he is not an adept of the firm measures, but he will accept the party’s decision, and in this respect he reminded that the PSD county organizations have adopted resolutions that request for Chirica’s exclusion.

“We’ll see on Wednesday what the party decides, if the PSD Executive Committee will take place on Wednesday. The current party leadership, also benefiting from the trust owed to the Ponta Government, had certain results in the local and parliamentarian elections that PSD has never obtained before. PSD went through a modernization process that lasted less than one year. I led the party to a direction that I don’t want to leave, an opening direction (…) I’m not a child, and PSD is not born yesterday, not to be able to understand from the first second what is hidden behind the statements of some political leaders.

I didn’t talk with Mr. Chirica. Despite he’s the Interim President of the PSD Iasi organization, he attended only to four meetings of the Executive Committee. It’s very difficult to communicate with him (…) We’ll discuss on Wednesday, I am not the adept of very firm measures, but the party will take a decision. All of us will think until Wednesday, all the leaders in the Executive Committee, and we’ll take a balanced decision (…) I didn’t talk to Mr. Chirica, because he chose to be a TV star, and I didn’t want to compete with him” Liviu Dragnea stated.

Asked what sanctions can be applied to Mihai Chirica, the Head of PSD said that the range is very large and he is not the adept of the very harsh measures.

“I am not the adept of the very harsh measures. The range is very large, both a minimum sanction and a maximum one can apply to him On Wednesday, we’ll adopt a wise but firm decision” Dragnea announced.


Liviu Dragnea has also listed  at Romania TV the most important measures in force since PSD came to the government:


  1. 102 non-fiscal charges have been removed (the environment stamp, the TV-Radio fee, the consular fees)


  1. The minimum salary has increased to RON 1,450


  1. CASS has been removed for all the pensioners, while the income tax was removed for those who have a pension < RON 2,000


  1. Medical subscriptions can be deducted from the calculation of the income tax, within a limit of EUR 400 per year


  1. The :First Rent” program has been implemented, with the settlement of 75 percent of the cost of the rent and of the utilities for those who find a job more than 50 km from home (maximum RON 900 per month)


  1. The payment of CASS has been removed for the additional income from investments, dividends, interests


  1. The income tax has been removed for the season employees, who are available for work during the entire year


  1. Free CFR transport for all the students, and scholarships that are more than double for them (RON 201)


  1. The tax on profit has been removed for a 10-year period for the companies in the research and innovation field.


  1. The Form no.088 on the companies that are VAT payers has been removed


  1. The committees of the Health Insurance Houses have been disbanded, so that the treatment of the patients can start right after the diagnosis decided by the doctor


  1. The income for the disabled persons’ assistants has increased to RON 1,450, the monthly allowance for the parental leave has increased from RON 1,062 to RON 1,232, and the insertion incentive for mothers having children under the age of 2, and who return to their job, increased from RON 531 to RON 650 (all these are the result of the increased minimum salary)


  1. The program called “Tomate romanesti” (“Romanian Tomatoes”), by which all those who cultivate tomatoes in protected areas (greenhouses or solariums of 1,000 sqm) will receive EUR 3,000 per year, has also started.



The main measures to be implemented in the following period:


  1. The pension point to RON 1,000 (the current pension point is RON 917)


  1. The tax on profit of 1% of the turnover will be introduced for those microenterprises having turnover


  1. The minimum pension will increase from RON 400 to RON 520


  1. The “Start-up nation” program will be launched – RON 200,000 will be allocated for 10,000 stat-ups per year


  1. The tax for the transfer of the real estate properties whose value is below RON 450,000 will be removed, and for the difference exceeding this amount, a tax of 3 percent of it will be perceived


  1. The program called “Carne de porc” (“Pork Meat”) will start, by which those who have farms with more than 600 heads will benefit from packages of EUR 10,000 for each 200 slaughtered pigs, in one of the two annual series.


  1. Zero VAT for the sale of residences, advertising and raw materials for agriculture


  1. Granting a holiday ticket of RON 1,450 for all the employees in the public sector.


  1. The program called “One 100% compensated medicine for each disease”


  1. Approx. 35% lower prices for the innovative medicines who have lost their patent


  1. The program “Guarantees for farmers”, by which loans of maximum EUR 3 million, 80% guaranteed by the state, with an interest of maximum 2%+ROBOR


  1. The Prevention Law – there is already an inter-ministerial committee led by the EcoMin


  1. The Royalties Law – there is already an inter-ministerial committee led by the EcoMin


  1. The transport Masterplan will be adopted in Parliament


  1. All the calls for the POC (the Competitiveness Operational Program) will start


  1. The Unified Pay Law


  1. FSDI will be established (the Memorandum has been approved by the Government)


  1. The ceiling above which a company becomes VAT payer will increase from RON 220,000 to RON 300,000


  1. The list of the compensated medicines will be updated


  1. The Program called “Primul centru de agreement” (“The First Leisure Center”), by which the tourism companies can obtain loans up to RON 1 million to build leisure centers (pool, sauna, etc.), 80% guaranteed by the state, with a maximum interest of 2%+ROBOR.



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