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September 25, 2021

MAE: Ambassador of Russian Federation welcomed according to diplomatic practices

The common practices in diplomacy at the beginning of tenure were appropriated in respect to the presentation visit for welcoming the Ambassador of the Russian Federation. Within the meeting, the availability “to further carry out the cooperation projects, which will, however, follow pragmatically the achievement of some goals” was highlighted, the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) informs, in a release sent to Agerpres.

On the occasion of the mentioned discussion, the Foreign Affairs Minister pointed out the fact that “the relation with the Russian Federation has to take into account the positions and commitments assumed by our country within the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO),” the quoted source reveals.

In this context, Minister Teodor Melescanu emphasized that Romania’s membership to the community of European and Euro-Atlantic values represents “elements that are profoundly consensual on the Romanian society level.”

Moreover, the MAE adds, that within the meeting, the discussions focused on the “availability to further accomplish the cooperation projects, that will however follow, in a pragmatic manner, the achievement of some mutual objectives and interests, in areas such as: economy, culture, science and education.”

On these coordinates, the dialogue, on a technical level, will continue and “for all this, an inadequate rhetoric, that won’t allow a constructive approach, needs to be avoided,” the MAE mentions.

Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Melescanu stated on Tuesday that he didn’t sign any protocol with the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

“I haven’t signed any protocol with the Embassy of the Russian Federation. (…) It’s about the ideas, the topics that the Embassy of the Russian Federation would like to have in mind, in the upcoming period,” the Minister stated.

He added that, in the meeting he had over the last week with Ambassador Valeri Kuzmin, protocols were not brought into discussion.

“Protocols weren’t discussed. There are topics that the Ambassador of the Russian Federation considers to be possible in the future. (…) They are generally talking about topics that we should have in mind,” Melescanu mentioned.

On 13 January, the MAE announced that Minister Teodor Melescanu welcomed Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Bucharest Valeri Kuzmin, with whom he talked about “a pragmatic approach” of the bilateral relations, but also about the necessity to “avoid an inadequate rhetoric in public statements.”

According to the MAE, Melescanu underlined “the importance of a pragmatic approach in bilateral relations, expressing the openness for dialogue of the Romania side.”

The Minister evoked “the necessity to avoid an inadequate rhetoric in public statements and the focus on efforts towards a straight dialogue,” the MAE mentioned.

“In this regard, he stressed out Romania’s commitments and positions on an external plan, especially the ones connected to our country’s membership to the community of European and Euro-Atlantic values, which are profoundly consensual elements on the Romanian society level,” the MAE informs.

On 14 February, on the Facebook page of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bucharest, the Melescanu-Kuzmin meeting was mentioned, with the mention that “the current stage and the prospects of developing the Romanian-Russian relations in different areas have been discussed.”

Moreover, the Embassy made a reference to a material on this topic, belonging to the correspondent of the Russian News Agency TASS in Romania.

“On the agenda of the following day, Mr. Kuzmin mentioned that there are stipulated three important documents to be signed – the new Cooperation Programme in culture, education, mass-media, sports, youth and tourism areas, a new Cooperation Protocol in the education area for the period 2017-2020, between the Science and Education Ministry of the Russian Federation and the Education and Scientific Research Ministry of Romania, as well as the Protocol regarding the unfolding of a joint competition of scientific research projects between the same ministries (the so-called grants memorandum),” the press release that was mentioned by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bucharest revealed.

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