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January 24, 2022

PMP starts reorganising – National College convened for March 3

The Popular Movement Party’s (PMP) National Executive Council decided on Monday to convene the party’s National College in early March, for a meeting in which the party’s future actions will be established.

“The priority for us are the local elections in each county party branch, to have legally-established branches with the legitimacy needed to implement their objectives. In fact, our internal regulations have been much improved. Today’s National Executive Council has convened, for next week, the National College we will hold on March 3 in Brasov, which will be attended by all party branch presidents, all parliamentarians and members of the National College. It will be an extremely useful meeting to prepare the party’s future actions. In fact, at the level of parliamentary groups we have established legislative priorities we will establish in the following hours and I believe the party has entered a new stage after we entered Parliament and a new dynamic is being felt within the party. Over the weekend, we visited several branches and this gives us hopes that we have sufficient resources to carry forward this political line of ours. We will continue to make ourselves heard within the Parliament’s plenum, both within the Senate and the Lower Chamber, and we will play our part as Opposition party,” PMP Executive President Eugen Tomac (photo) stated.

A party conference will most likely be held next autumn.

“We are entering a timetable for the holding of elections across all levels. This spring, all communes, municipalities, we will probably have at county level, almost all counties going through a normal precession of elections in a party and, in the second half of the year, we will surely discuss about a conference too,” MP Valeriu Steriu stated.


Another PMP goal is reducing the number of MPs


“Essential for us is for the initiatives that the party will promote from now on to be initiatives we believe in and we will back both publicly and in Parliament, because you saw last week, after years of debates in which citizens asked for 300 parliamentarians, old parties nevertheless formed a joint front and voted against the initiative that concerns the reduction of the number of parliamentarians to 300, but for the Popular Movement Party this political goal will continue to remain a priority,” Eugen Tomac added.

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