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June 18, 2021

The ski area of Sinaia, an attraction for those who love the white sport

* The connection between the 1400 Elevation and the 2000 Elevation has been made last year by the association between Letiner AG SpA Italia and Tancard SRL


sinaia2It’s been one year since the most wanted resort of the Prahova Valley, Sinaia, has the most spectacular cableway facility in Romania. We’re talking about the Sinaia Gondola which connects the 1400 Elevation and 2000 Elevation; the works have been performed by the association of the companies Leitner AG Spa Italia and Tancard SRL. The investment has fully proved its usefulness, since the ski area of Sinaia is a real attraction for those who love the white sport.

In 2016, few days before the “Valentine’s Day”, on February 11, the most cableway facility was inaugurated in Romania. This is the 1400-200 section of the Sinaia Gondola, the most important public investment in tourism in the most wanted resort of the Prahova Valley. The investment was possible thanks to an association between the companies Leitner AG SpA Italia and Tancard SRL, who designed the technical project for the eight-seat gondola; their representatives have dealt with getting the permits and with buying the required machinery and equipment. Specifically, the realization and installation of “turnkey”, including the commissioning of the gondolas going up to the 2000 Elevation were possible as a result of the Presence in Sinaia of some Italian and Austrian teams of experts in Mechanical Engineering, metallic structures, building resistance, electronics and construction lifts. The investment was made in a record period of time – only seven months, the result being outstanding. Specifically, the section 1400-2000 of the Sinaia Gondola is the most modern cableway facility in Romania, connecting the two ski areas of the resort: the low altitude – the 1400 Elevation, and the high altitude – the 2000 Elevation. Also being a major investment for Sinaia as a ski touristic attraction, the gondola inaugurated one year ago has even established three national records. Specifically, the lift reaches the highest altitude in Romania – 2,050 m., in the region called Valea cu Brazi, it reaches the highest altitude from the ground ever registered by such a facility – 120 m., and the gondola is built on the steepest cableway segment – 45 degrees at the first three pillars. The facility has 42 gondolas of eight seats, with a transportation capacity of 1,500 people in one hour and a length of the route of 2,000 meters. The investment amounted EUR 9 million and relies on cutting edge functioning systems and the highest technologies in the field. The name of the Carp Gondola – the second section of the Sinaia Gondola, between the 1400 Elevation and 2000 Elevation – was inspired by the ski slope with the same name. “Carp” is one of the most difficult ski slopes in Romania, with a degree of inclination on the Large Side, of 43 degrees, being considered to be some kind of a test of skills and courage.

Going back in time a little bit, to become as attractive as possible for the tourists in winter, the first public facility of the city – the Sinaia Gondola, was built in 2007. Later, in 2011, the ski area has expanded by the opening of the most modern lift in Bucegi – in Valea Soarelui. Now, the Sinaia resort holds one of the most competitive ski areas in Romania.

The slopes in Sinaia start at the 1000 Elevation, ending at the 2000 Elevation, also going to Valea Soarelui and Valea Dorului. Sinaia ski area is the only one of a high altitude in Romania, thus offering the best altitude ski in our country. It is one of the largest ski areas in Romania, and thanks to the peaks of more than 2000 meters in altitude, the ski season can last even until May. Sinaia ski area has slopes both on the western and on the eastern sides, with various difficulty levels for all the categories of skiers and snowboarders – blue slopes, red slopes and black slopes. The western ski slopes lie on Valea Soarelui and Valea Dorului, having an artificial snow installation. They are served by the Valea Soarelui Chairlift. The facility has a capacity of 1,800 people per hour, a length of 1,618 meters, having a maximum speed of 5 meters per second. This facility serves both the slopes Valea Soarelui 1 and 2 and the slopes Laptici 1 and 2. Partia Noua (The New Slope) – between 1400 Elevation and the first section of the Sinaia Gondola – also has a modern facility for artificial snow. Skilift Partia Noua is a baby ski set for people who wish to learn how to practice winter sports. It is located down at Partia Noua, and along the chairlift operates a night lighting system which is perfect fr long ski or snowboard days. Sinaia ski area and the facilities Sinaia Gondola, Soarelui Chairlift (Telescaunul Soarelui) and Skilift Partia Noua are managed by the Transport Urban Sinaia public company.

The opening hours for the cableway facilities are: Sinaia Gondola, section 1000-1400: Monday, Wednesday to Sunday: 9.00-17.00, Tuesday: 12.00-17.00 (technical review until 12.00); Sinaia Gondola, section 1400-2000: Monday, Wednesday to Sunday: 9.30-16.30, Tuesday: 12.00-16.30 (technical review until 12.00); Telescaunul Soarelui: Monday, Wednesday to Sunday: 9.30-16.00, Tuesday: 12.00-16.00 (technical review until 12.00).






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