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December 4, 2022

Alexander Tapscott, the author of the “Blockchain Revolution” presents in Bucharest the concept of the industrial revolution launched at Davos Forum

Personalities from academia, economy, culture and civil society will discuss in Bucharest about the new “blockchain” concept with one of the most renowned thinkers of the new digital era, Alexander Tapscott.

Tapscott pays a visit in Romania, on February 22 – 24, 2017, according to the organizers of the event.

The reunion in Davos in 2017, taking place under the banner of the 4th Industrial Revolution, introduced on the stage the concept of blockchain. This represents a technology based on decentralized processes, in peer-to-peer networks, on the basis of encryption, and the applicability covers an impressive spectrum of areas: financial services, banks and insurance, transport and mobility, environment and energy, public administration at large, management etc.

“The blockchain philosophy is also considered a real basis for the future public policies that aim to implement anticorruption preventive measures, but also consolidating democracies from all over the world, the topic being one of the most debated at the reunion in 2017 in Davos”, the organizers specify.

In the context in which blockchain foreshadows the transition from the “internet of information’, to the “internet of value”, Romania will see, on February 22 – 24 2017, the visit of Alexander Tapscott, member of the Futures Council of the World Economic Forum and the co-author of the “Blockchain Revolution”, the most sold book in the world on this topic.

By the cumulated effect, “Blockchain Revolution” generates a new philosophy that has as a final promise recovering trust, a moral society and achieving the premises for direct democracy. Governments, central banks, large financial institutions, and big software corporations already transform this concept into an applied disruptive product.

The presence of Alexander Tapscott in Romania is part of a global effort to connect the ideas and leaders of the transatlantic community, a club which Romania is part of. After the presentations hosted in Davos, at the European Commission, at the headquarters of Google, Goldman Sachs or IBM, the visit of Alexander Tapscott has the objective to generate in Romania a debate on the level of elites of the new concept of global extensions.

During the visit in Romania a presentation is scheduled at the Carol I Central University Library where personalities from academia, administration, economy, finance, culture, civil society and media are invited. The reunion takes places under the aegis of the Romania Club.

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