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August 3, 2021

IntMin Dan at IGPR review: Romanian Police achieved objectives set out for 2016

photo pag 1Internal Affairs Minister Carmen Daniela Dan stated on Wednesday, in the assessment meeting for the activity conducted in 2016 by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police (IGPR), that the Romanian Police achieved its objectives set out for 2016, an aspect also confirmed by the growth of citizens’ security level.

“The growth of citizens’ security level is an objective that we in the current team also assumed,” the Minister added, as quoted according to a press release of the Internal Affairs Ministry (MAI) sent on this occasion.

Furthermore, Carmen Dan requested that this year a particular accent be placed “on strengthening the policeman’s authority and increasing the firmness in enforcing the law,” mentioning that she will grant all the support so that the status of policeman be acknowledged in society, based on the size of risks and work conducted for supporting the community.

“I particularly appreciate your capacity for adapting. The criminality is in a constant dynamic and diversification, we live in an international and regional context which is different from previous years and we deal with situations which are true challenges even for the best ones. You collaborated with partners from the US and Europe, you solved together major cases and you showed your colleagues abroad that you are their equal when it comes to professionalism and involvement. I’m proud of your results!,” Carmen Dan stated.

Within the review meeting, the Interior Affairs Minister also mentioned that she will collaborate with the union representatives for solving the problems which the police structures confronts with, among which the personnel deficit, wages, working program, lack of modern facilities, aspects that the Minister considers to be priorities of her tenure.

In 2016, the IGPR teams intervened for solving over 730,000 cases notified by calling the 112 emergency number, they settled approximately 141,000 conflict situations that could possible degenerate into violence, they ensured the public order measures at 43,000 public gatherings. Approximately 5,000 persons were saved following policemen interventions.

In 2016, the reported criminality recorded the lowest values of the past 9 years and the street crime recorded the lowest value of the past 11 years.

Furthermore, the number of crimes committed in the area near school units dropped by almost 12 percent compared to the previous year, declining for the third consecutive year.

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