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May 23, 2022

PM Grindeanu pays working visits to several ministries. “At the end of March we’ll have to go through the to-dos checklist for the first quarter”

*Health Ministry did not tackle drug shortage despite being notified about it one year ago


Premier Sorin Grindeanu stated on Tuesday, following his working visit at the Health Ministry, that the said ministry took no measure to tackle the lack of certain pharmaceutical drugs despite being notified about it in January last year, finding this to be “the gravest situation.”

“We talked about the Health Ministry’s upcoming priorities, about what we have to do in line with the governing platform, about the situation that the minister found here, about the solutions he has on various components, about investments, about what the agreements with the World Bank and the European Investment Bank mean so that these sums, these investments, the budget – which is higher in the public healthcare domain than it was last year – would be used in line with the priorities we have included in the governing platform. The healthcare priorities consist of investments, we are talking about that agreement with the World Bank, worth 250 million, which is very important for us, the regional hospitals included in the governing platform and, first of all, we are talking about the 3 [regional hospitals] included in the agreement with the World Bank and of course I was given a general presentation of everything the other problem – the drugs problem – entails. Things are not very simple at the Health Ministry and certain problems that must be urgently resolved have been dragging on for a year,” Sorin Grindeanu said after paying a working visit to the Health Ministry.

He gave the lack of certain pharmaceutical drugs as an example of a problem discovered at the Health Ministry.

“In January last year, the Health Ministry was notified about the lack of certain pharmaceutical drugs and no measure was taken. All procedures have now been started, so that everything that the press signalled on certain components would be remedied. I find this to be the gravest situation,” Grindeanu said.


PM asks Razvan Cuc to move the Transport Ministry “in the field”


On Tuesday, Premier Sorin Grindeanu asked Transport Minister Razvan Cuc to “move the ministry in the field,” to go and check on the construction works, deeming that not only the minister but all those “who are spending too much time at desks” should do this.

“A recommendation for the minister – he should move the ministry in the field. I don’t understand very much from the bureaucracy that the Transport Ministry has had in recent years, bureaucracy that reflected in everything negative about Romanian infrastructure. My recommendation is for him to go in the field as much as possible, to check on the things being carried out, whether we are talking about national roads, expressway sections, subway lines, railroad works, so on and so forth,” Sorin Grindeanu stated.

He added that the Transport Minister should not be the only one present in the field.

“Not just the minister but all those who are spending too much time at desks and who, in my view, should be in the field,” the Prime Minister added.


Premier tackles the pay of non-teaching staff at the Ministry of Education, says will discuss the subject with trade unions


Premier Sorin Grindeanu announced on Tuesday that he will go on working visits to all the ministries, because he wants to learn firsthand about the exact situation of each institution.

“I’ll go everywhere, because I want to know exactly what the situation is at all the ministries. We’ve been talking for a month and a half now, everybody has meanwhile got accustomed to the position of minister. (…) At the end of March we’ll have to go through the to-dos checklist for the first quarter and we must know if all the elements in the governing program have been implemented,” Premier Grindeanu said at the Ministry of Education.

The head of the Government said that he discussed with Minister of Education Pavel Nastase on the pay of non-teaching staff, adding that he will discuss the subject with trade unions. The officials also contemplated the possibility that the minister submits a new education bill in the near future.

“We talked about infrastructure, because there are currently 2,000 schools with no operation authorization. We have the money assigned at the Ministry of Development for the revamping of these schools and the project will start this year, and we’ll do it, it’s top priority. As regards the 2,500 kindergartens and creches, they are covered by multiannual programs, this will take until 2020,” said PM Sorin Grindeanu.


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