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May 6, 2021

Victor Ponta advises Sorin Grindeanu to rapidly take charge of Gov’t. “A plane with three pilots has all the chances to crash rapidly”

Ex-Premier Victor Ponta stated on Monday evening on RomaniaTV private broadcaster that he did not meet Sorin Grindeanu to tell him how “to fight Dragnea” and that Premier Grindeanu must “take charge of his Government” as fast as possible.

Victor Ponta explained that he had promised to have a talk with Sorin Grindeanu. “I had promised Mr Grindeanu I would meet him when I return to the country. I realised that, if I were to go to the Government I would hardly manage to cross the gate that someone would call Dragnea. The idea that I’m going to tell Grindeanu how to fight Dragnea is not true.”

The politician stated that in Romania the problem is that there are “two pilots.”

“In principle, a plane that has two pilots, that’s why one of them is pilot and the other co-pilot, has big chances to have problems on take-off, on landing, because those two would fight over the controls. (…) In Romania, this plane with two pilots has a first problem.”

The Premier added:

“No matter how good he gets along with Liviu Dragnea… So, a three-way cohabitation, a plane with three pilots, in my view, has all chances to crash rapidly. How? Not with protests or ordinances. (…) The economy, investments, European grants, the budget, budget revenues, the energy situation are a country’s engines. During these two months, nobody handled these problems because they couldn’t, pity them.

“Time flies, 2 months have passed, I hope things would calm down a bit. Grindeanu is the only one who has these problems. Tomorrow there are no drugs, the floods are coming… It’s not Dragnea’s problem. I hope with all my heart he would take care of it and would take on his role as Prime Minister, would take the controls. He must take charge of his Government as fast as possible,” Victor Ponta emphasised.

Victor Ponta also talked about President Klaus Iohannis, stating he wants to be “an active president.”

“The president categorically wants to be an active president. Basescu is his role model, he must decide everything. Mr Iohannis is also taking Grindeanu’s control wheel, he is pulling on it.”


Ex-premier on OUG 13 scandal: “Responsibility was not assumed. Current Gov’t can no longer convince people”


On Monday evening, on RomaniaTV, Ponta also stated that the “disaster” caused by OUG 13 amending the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code was caused by several blunders on the part of government members.

The ex-premier deemed that the lack of communication concerning OUG 13 and the haste with which the ordinance was adopted, even though its text said the measures concerning abuse of office were to come into force in 10 days’ time, were two important mistakes made by the PSD-ALDE Government.

“It was failure to assume responsibility. You can’t blame everything on Iordache. Mr Tariceanu, Mr Dragnea and Mr Grindeanu should have said it in broad daylight. If you say it’s an emergency, don’t leave it for 10 days from now. If it’s something pressing, good, if not, leave it in Parliament. Moreover, there was no communication. Everything was a mistake,” Victor Ponta said.

The ex-premier also deemed that the Government’s actions have fuelled some people’s antipathy toward PSD. “Nobody understood anything. From a good and correct idea, the end result was a disaster. I don’t believe this. An important part of society, whichever it may be, is anti-PSD. No matter what they do. Everyone says that PSD has come along with the thieves and you’re doing something at night. Explain it. Come up and say it. Dragnea was doing a very good work presenting the governing platform at the blackboard. I didn’t understand what was happening. I didn’t want thieves released from prisons,” Ponta added.

Victor Ponta also talked about the hearing of the members of the Grindeanu Government at the DNA in the case concerning the adoption of OUG 13: “DNA hasn’t filed charges. There’s a gentleman who filed a criminal complaint for abuse of office and aiding and abetting. I don’t know who the criminal is, it’s something that needs shown.”

“I don’t believe the current Government can still win any battle to persuade the people. But Parliament, yes!” Victor Ponta added.

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