Bucharest to host LIKE CNDB 2017 festival, March 1-26

International productions and events will be staged in partnership with Bucharest City’s theatre houses as part of the 4th edition of the LIKE CNDB festival, March 1-26.

Starring will be artists supported by the Bucharest National Dance Centre (CNDB) who were selected in 2016 based on projects.

The schedule of this year’s edition of the festival organised under the “Schimbam idei” (We Are Changing Ideas) slogan comprises 17 shows, public discussions, lectures, running documentaries that competed in the One World Romania International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, a workshop and a one-on-one performance.

“There is a plentitude of events, perspectives and means of expression in the ‘Like CNDB 2017, Schimbam idei’. The diversity we are proposing is beneficial to dialogue, as well as encapsulating the diversity of public tastes. This festival is the first wide-ranging event that CNDB dedicates to the public. We are expecting a curious public with a critical mind and we are interested in what people think after the shows,” CNDB manager Vava Stefanescu was quoted as saying in a press statement released on Tuesday.

Attending this year’s edition of the festival will be artists from Austria, Estonia, Greece, Germany, Hungary and Romania.

The festival opens on March 1 with “The Great Scheme of Things,” by/feat. Fierbinteanu and closes on March 26 with “Istoria Cantata a Dansului Romanesc” ( A History of Romanian Dance in Songs) by Paul Dunca and Eduard Gabia, along with concerts by Kepler not Kopernikus and FLUID.

Included among the shows to be staged as part of the festival are “Un minut de dans sau UF!!!” (A Minute’s Dance) by Gigi Caciuleanu; “2 femei contemporane” (2 Contemporary Women) by Ioana Marchidan; “lonely lonely”, by/feat. Tiina Soot (Estonia) and Dorothea Zeyringer (Austria); “By the way,” produced by Marta Ladjanszki/L1 Association – Hungary; “I Am just About,” by Andreea David, aas well as a workshop with Linda Kapetanea, founder of the Greek RootlessRoot dance company; running of “My Talk with Florence” (Austria, 2015) and “The Chechen Family” (Argentina, 2015) films, and stage play”Alcool” (Alcohol) directed by Mihai Maniutiu, choreography by Vava Stefanescu at the Notarra Theatre House; “Bucuresti. Instalatie umana” (Bucharest. Human Installation), directed by Radu Nica, choreography by Florin Fieroiu at ARCUB.

Organisers say admission to LIKE CNDB 2017 events will be free for some pupils and students in an attempt to promote contemporary dancing with the Y and Z generations. March 1-5, students of the Gh. Lazar High School and the Faculty of Foreign Languages are invited, followed March 6-12 by students of the Anna de Noailles High School and the Faculty of Foreign Languages, March 13-19 by students of the George Cosbuc High School and the Bucharest National University of Arts, and March 20-26 by students of the Central School and the Bucharest National University of Music.


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