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June 22, 2021

Ponta: PM not alone at controls, President Iohannis, Dragnea have their hands on the rudder too

The Grindeanu Government has “4 pilots”, one of them being the PSD President Liviu Dragnea, appreciates the former PM Victor Ponta, Social Democrat MP.

Ponta mentioned that he was a member of three governments – the Nastase Government, were “the stick” belonged to the PM, the Boc Government, where the stick was officially at the PM, but he always had Traian Basescu giving instructions, taking decisions, imposing measures, and the Ponta Government, where the governmental view belonged to him – “with good things and bad things”.

“Now I see the Grindeanu Government (which I voted and whose success would make me very happy and relaxed) already having 4 pilots! President Iohannis pulls the stick with all his force near the PM (his installation by force at the top of the table at the Victoria Palace, or the warnings on the budget are obvious elements) / the PSD President Liviu Dragnea also visibly pulls the stick (he didn’t only announce at the beginning who are the members of the Cabinet, but he is directly coordinating them, publicly presenting all the positive things – letting the poor ministers to announce the negative ones) / there is increasingly visible the fourth “hand” on the stick – the one of the System, which says, by the voice of the Attorney General or of the DNA Chief-Prosecutor which ordinances or laws must be adopted or not by the Government, who can or who cannot be a minister or a state secretary – even how many salaries can be increased from the hypothetical and fantasist “prejudices” (it’s useless to say that in 2016, in the times of the technocrat Government, the real recovery percentage reached the historical minimum of less than 10%)!” wrote Ponta on Facebook.

In this context, he has “a simple question”: “If you see a plane, and there are 4 pilots in the cockpit who jostle and yell at each other, will you get into it? Or, if you are already inside, you look for the “Emergency Exit”, or you pray to God to land as soon as possible to be able to run as quick as you can, being glad that you survived?”

Victor Ponta also said that “to this gloomy picture”, is added that “around the plane called Romania” there’s a terrible storm – Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, Greece etc., and the “flight controllers” from Washington and Brussels have so much internal issues that Romania is their last concern.

“Romania still has ‘economic’ fuel from the very good 2013-2015 period! But a large part of it has been already consumed in 2016, and now the pointer is already almost in the red zone! I am doing my job to tell these things because I care for Romania and because I know very well what I am talking about! I am speaking to the people thinking with their mind – propagandistic manipulations of the type ‘look, Pont also says the Government is bad’, or ‘Ponta feels the change and wants to take Dragnea’s place’ are for Securitate and stupid people who already make me be indifferent!” concluded the former PM.


“If the Government is not led by a single person, it will collapse”


Former PM Victor Ponta, Deputy of Gorj, stated on Wednesday at Targu-Jiu that he wants very much the current Government to be successful, but he underlined that it’s important for the Executive to be led by a single person, otherwise the Government “will collapse”.

Victor Ponta also stated that he doesn’t want any position in PSD and that he was not consulted by the party members about the Grindeanu Government’s decisions, pointing out that he takes his information from the Media about his party’s situation.

“The party consulted me in the Ponta Government’s times on the decisions that have been taken, but not in the times of the Grindeanu Government. I never spoke to anyone from the party, and I am acting as a Gorj Deputy, and especially concerning the Oltenia Energy Complex. I don’t want to lead PSD anymore, I want no position, but I also don’t want to full the people. If we listen to those propagandists who realized yesterday that I want to take Dragnea’s place, I don’t want to take Dragnea’s place at all. I want PSD to have performance, since I am a PSD member; performance mean to save Oltenia Energy Complex. You know, if we make propaganda, we are upset for the Securitate’s propaganda, but we are doing the same. (…) I am not part of the leadership, I don’t want to be part of the leadership, I am not consulted, I am no informed, I take my information from the Media. (…) I hope (the Government – e.n.) will start over again well, and I want very much the Grindeanu Government to be successful. I know one thing, I was a PM for such a long time, if there’s not a single person leading the Government, the Government will collapse. Look at the Ciolos Government that was also led by Mr. Iohannis, it was a disaster. If Mr. Grindeanu will lead the Government, it will be good, if all of us wat to lead it, it will be bad. I told to Mr. Grindeanu – ‘Don’t listen to me, do what you think you have to do, but do it’” Victor Ponta stated.

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