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January 27, 2022

Former PSD Vice President Constantin Nita: There’s a single “voice” in PSD, and those who do not obey are eliminated; it’s like in the game “Simon says”

Former PSD Vice President Constantin Nita accused on Thursday the current leadership of the party of the major crisis that the party is facing inside, criticizing the fact that decisions are taken in PSD in a “small group”, and that there’s a single “voice” that decides, and those who do not obey are eliminated.

“There’s a game for children called <Simon says>, in translation it’s <Simon spune/decide/porunceste…> which is very similar to what happens in PSD today. There’s a single <voice> responsible for all the major decisions. The others imitate and approve. Those who do not obey is out of the <game>” Nita wrote on Thursday on his personal blog.

He underlines that PSD is facing a major crisis inside the party, which is the result of the political management promoted by the current leadership, whose “style” relies on decisions taken in a “small group”.

“When you don’t consult all the presidents of the county organisations, when the leading bodies become arbitrary, when the permanent bureau convenes… occasionally, etc., it’s normal not to have responsiveness anymore. You lose the contact with reality. Moreover, thus you manage to turn a party of PSD’s size in a colossus with feet of clay. You take him all the power” Nita accused.

He stated that the “praise group” of the 10-15 people around the leadership is rather doing harm to the party than making good to it.

On the other hand, Nita listed ten concrete proposals that refer, among others, the consultation of the presidents of the county organisations on the major decisions taken by the central leadership of the party, mentioning that many of them are complaining that “they are put in front of the facts/decisions fulfilled, without having the right to have an opinion”.

Nita also proposes the involvement of the former members of the Ponta Government in the debates inside the party. He mentions that the achievements of the Ponta Government have considerably contributed to winning the local and parliamentary elections, and “today, few leaders of that period are publicly promoted, and Ponta is the least!”

Nita also proposes the end of the political “purges”, by the method of the exclusion or of switching on the dead line of those who express their opinion.

Another proposal he made refers to designing a program-platform of PSD, with everybody’s involvement, and convening an extraordinary congress which takes into account the amendment of the statute.

“These are proposals that I believe that PSD should take into account to regain Romanians’ trust and to maintain the internal unity. I am a PSD member since 20 years, and I have enough experience to realize that the party is on the wrong way” Nita also said.

The PSD Brasov leader Constantin Nita has retired from the political life one year ago, when his mandate at the leadership of the Brasov county organization has ceased, announcing at that time that he will not run for a deputy seat.

In February, 2016, Constantin Nita was the main candidate for the position of the President of the PSD National Council. Sources from PSD claimed that he was removed by Liviu Dragnea, following a discussion held few hours before the elections for the National Council.

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