MEP Ivan: I’m a member of PSD from all standpoints. Dragnea and I discussed the party’s strategy within the EP

PSD MEP Catalin Ivan stated on Thursday for News.ro that he is a member of the party “from all standpoints,” having been PSD’s “official communicator” in over 40 election debates and having discussed with PSD President Liviu Dragnea, three weeks ago, PSD’s strategy within the European Parliament.

“I’m a member from all standpoints. Any source Mr Dragnea would have verified, he would have found out I’m a party member, the party’s official website lists me as party member, Mr Dragnea’s official Facebook page does so too, the page of PSD’s delegation to the European Parliament. Had he asked in Iasi, he would have found out I’m a party member. There are so many sources from which he could have found this out. I don’t know how those from the District 1 [branch] misled him,” Catalin Ivan said.

The MEP also claimed that, during this period, he was PSD’s official communicator in over 40 election debates.

“But Mr Dragnea knows I’m a party member. During this whole period, I was the party’s official communicator in over 40 electoral debates. How could I have stopped being a party member a year ago? It’s absurd. I attended so many events in my capacity as PSD MEP, and PSD communiques also present me as attending the events in my capacity as PSD MEP. The discussion is so absurd that I’m convinced it’s a false discussion, he didn’t want to talk about me within the National Executive Committee because, had he had any dissatisfaction with me he would probably have called me for talks,” the Social Democrat added.

In what concerns the conflict with the PSD District 1 branch, Ivan said it is “a curse” that will follow him into retirement too. “I believe those from District 1 went with a different document. They’re like a curse that’s been following me throughout my political career, and those from District 1 will kick me out even when I’ll retire,” he said.

Asked whether he will talk with Liviu Dragnea about his situation within PSD, Catalin Ivan answered affirmatively.

“Strictly on this situation, I will present absolutely all documents, although I don’t think it’s necessary because three weeks ago he was talking to me about PSD’s strategy within the European Parliament, he couldn’t have talked to a stranger,” Catalin Ivan concluded.

PSD’s Catalin Martinus, the mayor of Iasi County’s Dobrovat locality, stated for News.ro on Wednesday that PSD MEP Catalin Ivan is a member of the PSD branch in his commune, his party membership having been validated by the leadership of the party’s county branch too. He thus contradicted Liviu Dragnea, who had stated on Wednesday that Ivan is not a member of PSD.



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