PSD’s Tutuianu: President Iohannis has obligation to shed light on lost house topic to public opinion

President Klaus Iohannis has the obligation to offer public clarifications on the topic of the house lost in court, Chairman of the Dambovita branch of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Senator Adrian Tutuianu stated on Thursday in a press conference in Targoviste.

“Firstly, Mr. Iohannis has the obligation to come out and offer to the public opinion some clarifications, other than through his spokesperson. The spokesperson should talk, in my opinion, about what the President’s activity means and not about matters that regard the President’s persona, which means the President’s private life. Secondly, it’s a good sign for the justice in Romania that it didn’t get influenced and handed down a decision which is assessed by everyone to be correct,” Tutuianu stated.

The Social-Democrat MP underlined that the subject regarding the existence of a criminal file in this case has to be clarified.

“It remains to be seen to what extent there is a criminal case because from what I have learned last evening on a television broadcast there is such a case, and then, certainly, the President will have to explain what’s the deal with the offenders. For two months this was the type of speech: the offenders who lead Romania. It looks like he, himself has this type of problem and has to shed light on it to the public opinion,” Adrian Tutuianu also stated.

He mentioned that another aspect is important, once more it’s revealed how long lawsuits can last in Romania.

“It’s sad though that in Romania it took almost 17 years for people to reach a final and irrevocable solution. I tell you this because 17 years of one’s life means a lot and that reveals, generally speaking, that in the Romanian justice there are problems and other issues than the Criminal Code. Looks like the civil legislation and procedure are generating major problems. I can tell you now that the Law No.202/2010 [the Law regarding some measures for accelerating the lawsuits’ settlements], which was initiated by Predoiu, only complicated more things in the Romanian justice system and didn’t decongest courts at all,” PSD Senator Adrian Tutuianu mentioned.

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