Turcan: In the long term, USR can naturally join PNL, by alliance or by merger

Interim head of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Raluca Turcan, stated on Thursday that over the long term the Save Romania Union (USR) can “naturally” join alongside the PNL, either through an alliance, either by merger.

“I don’t see USR as a political opponent, but rather as a competitor on a certain segment of the electorate, a segment that has been quite disappointed by the political system until today. But I believe that if PNL will became that credible political vector on the political scene, with solid ideas of the right, USR can naturally join PNL either in an alliance, or, if not, at a certain time, by merger. This is the solution in the long term, because PNL has county organisations, it has hard cores with very correct and very good and involved people, and with opening to provide solutions to the people’, Raluca Turcan stated for Adevarul Live, according to Agerpres.

She stated that if this electoral pool of PNL would be put together with a group of young people, especially in the urban areas, mainly based on a disappointing towards the political class, the resulted formula would be one that will give “a counterweight force related to PSD”.

“I tell only to USR that PNL is not an opponent, I have a very good cooperation with my colleagues from USR, but PNL has a program, it has a team, it has values, it has this opportunity to perform an internal reorganization, and I believe that in the long term we can have a very good cooperation”, Turcan mentioned.

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