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October 24, 2021

Brukenthal National Museum celebrates its 200th anniversary. President Iohannis: Few institutions can pride themselves with such age and prestige

Few institutions can pride themselves with the age and prestige of the Brukenthal National Museum, which “for two centuries has been the bearer of an exceptional mission of social responsibility”, said, on Saturday, in Sibiu, President Klaus Iohannis, at an awards ceremony for the museum.

“Few institutions can pride themselves with the age and prestige of the Brukenthal National Museum. It has been for two centuries the bearer of an exceptional mission of social responsibility equaled only by the importance of its historic and artistic patrimony. Its collections, its library or its permanent and temporary exhibitions are proof of the rich fruit human knowledge bears when it is supported by education and amplified by intercultural dialogue,” the head of state said.

He urged the museum’s leadership to continue to highlight the museum’s patrimony.

“I use this opportunity, Mr. Director General, to urge you so together with the members of the Administration Council, and the support of the local and central public authorities, to continue to highlight, for the good of humanity, the patrimony and message of your grand benefactor,” said Iohannis.

He also spoke of the cultural institution’s “patron saint”. “Through the collections he made available to the public ever since 1790, then through his testament, Samuel von Brukenthal has instituted a life example based on the values of enlightenment and on the commitment to public interest. His model proved to be successful,” the head of state emphasized.

He added that, often times, the patrimony of the Brukenthal National Museum is “the one to represent Romania in the world”.

President Klaus Iohannis has conferred the Order of Cultural Merit, in rank of Commodore, Category E “National Cultural Patrimony”, to the Brukenthal National Museum.

The distinction was awarded to the Brukenthal National Museum on the occasion of its 200th anniversary, as a sign of “high appreciation and recognition for the dedication and professionalism the generations of specialists of this institution, contributing to the conservation, increase and highlighting of this cultural patrimony of remarkable importance for national culture and determining, in this way, the recognition of Sibiu City as a cultural landmark of international importance.

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