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July 2, 2022

PNL to elect new leadership on June 17; elections in county branches to end on May 2. Cristian Busoi nominated PNL’s interim Secretary General

The members of PNL’s Central Political Bureau met on Monday morning to pick the party’s interim secretary general, News.ro informs. The office became vacant after Marian Petrache resigned.

On Monday, the leaders of the old PNL decided to nominate Cristian Busoi (photo) as the party’s interim secretary general, the proposal set to be confirmed during the party’s National Political Bureau meeting.

Of the 27 party leaders present, 25 voted in favour of nominating Cristian Busoi.

The agreement within the party is for the secretary general office to be held by members of the old PNL until the party conference.

PNL leaders had an informal meeting on Sunday, in order to discuss who will be the party’s secretary general, a nomination that was set to be made during the Central Political Bureau on Monday. PNL Bucharest President Cristian Busoi and PNL Prahova President Iulian Dumitrescu were among the candidates.

PNL Deputy Secretary General Florin Roman, Lower Chamber lawmaker, stated on Sunday for News.ro that most PNL branches decided to back PNL Prahova President and Senator Iulian Dumitrescu’s bid to hold the office of secretary general until the party’s conference next summer.

“The presidents of the old PNL’s branches will nominate PNL’s Secretary General, to hold the office ad interim until next summer’s party conference. Following the talks, most party branch leaders decided to firmly support our young colleague, Senator Iulian Dumitrescu, president of the Prahova party branch,” Florin Roman said.

He added that Cristian Busoi entered the race too, however Roman said Busoi is “a colleague who did not perform with the Bucharest branch.”

The PNL Secretary General office remained vacant after Marian Petrache announced his resignation from all party offices a week ago, including the office of interim secretary general. His decision came after DNA prosecutors indicted him for passive bribery and blackmail.


PNL leaders adopt the timetable of the internal elections


During the party’s National Political Bureau meeting on Monday, PNL leaders adopted the timetable of their internal elections: the National Coordination Council will be convened on March 4, elections within county branches will be completed by May 2 and the National Conference which will elect the party’s new leadership will be held on June 17.

“We expect to complete internal elections by June 17. Likewise, to complete elections at county level by May 2. The National Coordination Council is the institutional body that validates the commission organising the elections, the commission amending the statute, the amendments to the statute and the exact timetable for the completion of internal elections,” Raluca Turcan announced.

So far, former Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu and former PNL Vice President Ludovic Orban have officially announced their decisions to run for the position of PNL President.

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