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May 16, 2021

Demonstrators form EU flag during 27th night of protests in Bucharest

The over 2,500 protesters gathered on Sunday evening in Victoriei Square began to retreat after 22.00 hrs, about 50 people remaining in the square in front of the government building.

At around 21:00 hrs, the 2,500 protesters have put together the EU flag from coloured paper that they lit using mobile phones.

As on previous nights, the protesters demanded the resignation of the Government, they brought placards with anti-government messages, vuvuzelas, drums, flags. Many of the demonstrators wore arm bands with the message “#rezist”.

It was the 27th day from the onset of protests in front of the Government headquarters.

Protests have continued in the country as well, in Cluj-Napoca (about a thousand), Timisoara (about 400), Sibiu (400) Brasov (200), Constanta (60), several thousand people overall. Hundreds of blue sheets were given to those present in the square by a group of people, the protesters taking each, one such sheet and, at one of the organizers’ sign, they held them high overhead. At the same time, some of the protesters lit the screens of their mobile phones.

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